One-third is not three-thirds (challenge update)

I’m at 2,048 words. I’ve been writing for 4 hours and 17 minutes, or as usual, all damn day. My breaks have been sporadic and uncontrolled, mostly because it’s Saturday and the house is not empty of anyone but me. Still, it’s only 4:25 pm and I could get on a roll. It could happen.Continue reading “One-third is not three-thirds (challenge update)”

Challenge day eleven (some books do not write themselves)

This has been a difficult book to write. I’m not sure why. At the moment my brain is trying to resolve a plotting issue that’s driving me crazy. Time to get up and get started. If things continue as they have I need a good 14 hours of writing to reach 6000 words today. Yeah.Continue reading “Challenge day eleven (some books do not write themselves)”

Challenge day ten (double digits!)

I’ve been writing today, a lot, except it doesn’t really feel that way, because of the afternoon hour and my word count for the day. I really shouldn’t have gotten up so late. Task Start-Date Start-Time End-Date End-Time Duration Decimal Duration Writing 2/10/17 0:00 2/10/17 0:01 0:01 0.016667 Writing 2/10/17 10:00 2/10/17 11:25 1:25 1.416667Continue reading “Challenge day ten (double digits!)”

Challenge day nine (yes, I’m still trying)

I got up ready to get started writing, but of course I was still having issues with the thing that stopped me last night. It took me hours to get past it this morning. HOURS. But I did. Finally. It’s 7:10 pm and I’ve written 1,093 words today. Here are my Gleeo time tracker entries.Continue reading “Challenge day nine (yes, I’m still trying)”

Bang your head (challenge update)

After a strong(ish) start this morning, the day has fizzled. Dentist visit went well, and I got home and decided to make an early supper so I could have a longer evening of writing, but that didn’t work out. Writing has turned out to be difficult because of a message I received just as IContinue reading “Bang your head (challenge update)”

Challenge day eight (seriously!)

This could take all month! Yesterday, unfortunately, I really underestimated how long the taxes thing would take. I left at 11 am and returned at 4:30 pm. By the time I ate an early supper, it was 5:30 and I was so brain tired I had a difficult time even thinking about getting started again.Continue reading “Challenge day eight (seriously!)”

Challenge day seven (today’s going to be the day)

I failed on many levels yesterday. I have a headache this morning so maybe I’m getting sick, but I didn’t have one yesterday so it’s not a good excuse for yesterday’s failures.  As for the headache, the sun is rising earlier, daybreak is already here at six in the morning and I’m waking with theContinue reading “Challenge day seven (today’s going to be the day)”

Here I go again (challenge update)

It’s 11:09 AM and I’m ready to start now, after a delay I should have expected but for some reason didn’t. There are lots of options for completing this challenge, but considering the time, I’m going to have to hope for this one: 750 words x 8 hours. Writing faster will be as important todayContinue reading “Here I go again (challenge update)”

Challenge day six (this could go on for a while)

If I count the words I deleted yesterday (which I don’t), my word count was in line with the previous four days of this challenge to reach 6000 words. Meaning today is day six of the attempt. I have to do some stuff differently today, because yesterday was my worst day for time logged sinceContinue reading “Challenge day six (this could go on for a while)”

Going too far afield (challenge update)

I’m afraid I’m going to lose some words today. The current material is going too far afield of the scenes I’ve already written. I had hoped they would join up but now it’s not looking good for that possibility. I’m at 965 words for the morning and I’m still trying to reach 2000 before lunch.Continue reading “Going too far afield (challenge update)”

Challenge day five (a renewed focus)

I need to make this quick, so I’ve let myself have WiFi on my computer for this one post. Nothing else. I’ve looked at my previous day’s efforts and concluded that for me to meet this challenge today I really need to pass 2,000 words before I stop for lunch, if not sooner, so thatContinue reading “Challenge day five (a renewed focus)”

At least I’ve been consistent (challenge update)

I’ve faced a lot of procrastination today. My pace has been marginally better, but not significantly so. As it stands, I’ve written 1,841 words in 3 hours and 40 minutes. So truly, I’ve maintained my average pace today.  What I haven’t done is spend enough hours writing to get anywhere near to meeting this challengeContinue reading “At least I’ve been consistent (challenge update)”

Challenge day four

I didn’t even bother with a post this morning because I got right to writing after breakfast. Unfortunately, I’m online now and that’s a really bad sign for things to come. I’m getting off as soon as I post this post though, so maybe I’ll recover. I’m at 947 words and it took me 1Continue reading “Challenge day four”

Too much second guessing (challenge update)

It’s obvious to me that one big problem for me when it comes to speed is the speed at which I second guess my choices. Today’s attempt to cross that 6,000 word barrier has been hampered at every turn by my tendency to write something, then write something else, then delete something, then delete somethingContinue reading “Too much second guessing (challenge update)”

Challenge morning three

I’m just going to keep trying until I get there. Yesterday I fell far short of 6,000 words, so here I go again. (A phrase that totally just played through my head with music.) I’ve had breakfast and I have my hot honey lemon water beside me and my WiFi off. Estimated time to completionContinue reading “Challenge morning three”

Too little momentum (challenge update)

I’m just shy of 2,000 words and it’s taken me just over five hours to get there. I’m doing better than yesterday, but nowhere near good enough to reach 6,000 words by my bedtime today unless something changes significantly. I do expect to finish today with a much better word count than yesterday though. OneContinue reading “Too little momentum (challenge update)”