About Perpetualized

I’m Lynn. Lynn isn’t the only name I’m known by, so if you got here expecting someone else, it’s probably still me. If you do know me by one of my other names, feel free to call me Lynn anyway. I answer to it just fine. :-)

I’ve been a writer for so long I don’t even know how long that is anymore. I sometimes remember my age as 12 when I started, and other times I think it might have been 14. I remember being a writer when I was in the 6th grade, but I also remember being a writer when I lived in a small house in a subdivision, and we moved from there by the time I was 11 or 12. Even for the 6th grade, knowing my age when I started school means I had to be either 10 or 11, which isn’t how I remember it at all, but that’s how old I was in the 6th grade. So in the end, I’ve settled on sometime between 10 and 14 as the beginning of my love of writing. I have old handwritten stories in a box in the attic somewhere. Someday I’ll dig them out and remind myself of the truth.

I’ve tried several careers over the years, but I finally found my way back to professional fiction writing when I woke up to the fact that self-publishing had changed when I wasn’t watching and I could publish without ever having to deal with another editor or agent. I said bye-bye to writing fan fiction for fun and started my writing career over by publishing my own works. I worked hard and I got lucky. I do this for a living now and life’s pretty sweet.

Stop in at one of my posts and say hello. :)