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  • Today’s goal: 5 hours of timed writing (day 9)

    I enjoy the challenge of working on multiple stories so I’m going to spread those hours out over the seven stories I have in progress. They’re all growing at a satisfactory clip and I’m pretty doggone happy with how it’s going. The biggest complaint I have is that I really need to read some of […]

  • About trusting yourself and letting go

    My most recent book was a lesson in trusting myself and letting go of notions of what I thought the book should be. The comments I’ve received on the book are better than usual, and that is gratifying. I don’t think I would regret anything even if they weren’t, because by the time I’d written […]

  • Look, unrealistic expectations will kill your dreams

    Here’s the thing. When I set out to make writing my source of income, I knew what I was getting into. I’d been married to someone who did contract work for a while cutting lumber and I have a dad who did that for a while, too, and who worked as a mason for some-odd […]