I’ve let the air out of this balloon

Last night was the last day of Camp Nano. I was behind and had been trying to catch up for a week. The pressure has been a little too much, and I knew it coming into these last several days, but I wanted to try to catch up anyway.

Of course, this morning that pressure was gone, and boy, could I tell! I felt so much better just knowing I could switch my focus back to day-by-day writing, trying only to reach that 1,557 word minimum I set a while back.

Unfortunately, I stayed up too late last night and I’ve been dragging all day.

And the release of pressure must have gone too far, because I just haven’t been motivated to write today at all. I tried writing for just a few minutes, thinking if I could just get started, I’d be able to keep going, but getting started didn’t turn out to be the problem. I quit almost immediately.

So it feels a bit like I’ve let the air out of a balloon but forgot that I meant to only let out a little and instead let it all out. Now I’m flat and I can’t air myself back up. :o It looks like I might not even make my minimum today.

And no, I didn’t actually finish the number of words I’d set as a goal for Camp Nano. I wrote 1,641 words yesterday in 3 hours of timed writing. I needed considerably more to pull of a win.

Sigh. I’m going to start my timer now and do one hour of writing. If I don’t feel like continuing after that, I’m going to let myself quit. I need to get in bed early tonight and catch up on some sleep. I don’t want tomorrow to be a repeat of today.