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  • July 2018 progress

    I’ve had another dry spell with the writing but I’m trying to get things moving again. It all started with the space bar failure and snowballed from there. I had several things happen around that time that that kept interfering with my daily routine and distracted me from writing. I relocated the stray cat and […]

  • New kittens look like little rats

    They’re hiding, so it was awkward getting a picture. But as you can see, it appears there are two kittens and they look like little rats. :)

  • Overdue books, procrastination, and a writer’s income

    Today has been an excellent day for writing. Unfortunately, I haven’t written a thing. It’s now 9:48 pm and I don’t really have a choice: I have to find it in me to start writing. I have an overdue book to finish writing (personal deadline—learned my lesson about setting public ones) and a dire need […]

  • Poor little kitty

    A stray, starving cat showed up in my back yard yesterday. She looks much better than she feels, because what she feels like is a half-pound bag of bones. (If she’s even a half-pound. I’ve had blocks of cheese that feel heavier than her.) Anyway, I fed her, a little, and then a little more, […]