CreateSpace cover template generator at Bookow

I meant to publish this a few days ago when I was in the midst of working on my paperbacks. I tested the Bookow CreateSpace cover template generator and I really like it. The templates are similar to the CreateSpace templates, but they’re an exact fit for CreateSpace book covers. CreateSpace itself doesn’t generate templatesContinue reading “CreateSpace cover template generator at Bookow”

Follow up for several ongoing experiments

I’ve stuck to the new food rules and avoided sweets entirely, with the exception of a teaspoon of honey each day (in some yogurt and orange spice tea). Weight is going down, if I can trust the scale after only two days. The schedule is working well. Sort of. I worked all day yesterday duringContinue reading “Follow up for several ongoing experiments”

Not enough writing; obsessing over covers

Yesterday I did too much obsessing over covers and not enough writing. I tried to come up with a new style for my series that I’m having a cover designed for (really nervous about the possible outcome of that—I thought it would be a much more hands-off experience, but other than the art itself, I don’tContinue reading “Not enough writing; obsessing over covers”

Zero day yesterday but today is looking up; more cover talk

I had zero words yesterday. I’m not surprised. I did get a few things done though! I made a cover for the pen name book 2. Unfortunately, the new cover for book 2 means revisiting the cover for pen name book 1, because my skill level is such that I can’t count on matching up theContinue reading “Zero day yesterday but today is looking up; more cover talk”

About yesterday, book covers, a sleepless night, and work

I started working on some book cover practice yesterday and got sucked in so I missed my last writing block. I did a lot of thinking yesterday about some decisions I needed to make about covers. I’ve hired out the latest cover for one of my series. I’m so ambivalent about having done that that it’s drivingContinue reading “About yesterday, book covers, a sleepless night, and work”

Cover design frustrates me, but I do it anyway

Have I mentioned before that designing covers for my books frustrates me? Yes? I thought so. I’ve been trying to learn more about all of it, but I still can’t visualize what I want and then translate that into something that makes sense. I usually have to have a really good piece of stock artContinue reading “Cover design frustrates me, but I do it anyway”

An experiment with my next cover, GIMP, and Photoshop

Okay, so in only a little over a week or so, I really have to begin work on a cover image for an upcoming book. I thought I would run an experiment. I’m going to try to create the same cover in both GIMP and Photoshop and see which one I work best in. DespiteContinue reading “An experiment with my next cover, GIMP, and Photoshop”