Fear and growth and perfection

This post is a few days old, but there’s value here I think so I’ve decided to post it even though I wasn’t going to originally. First thing I did after I woke up this morning was open OneNote and type a note to myself (this was after recognizing that I just didn’t have whatContinue reading “Fear and growth and perfection”

Today’s goal: 5 hours of timed writing (day 9)

I enjoy the challenge of working on multiple stories so I’m going to spread those hours out over the seven stories I have in progress. They’re all growing at a satisfactory clip and I’m pretty doggone happy with how it’s going. The biggest complaint I have is that I really need to read some ofContinue reading “Today’s goal: 5 hours of timed writing (day 9)”

Today’s goal: 7 hours of timed writing (day 8)

I totally failed at 5.5 hours yesterday, so why not set today’s goal for 7 hours? Yep. I know. But I have a plan. So I have to keep this short. Today’s goal is 7 hours of writing. I’m not setting a word count goal because I’m pretty sure as long as things go okay,Continue reading “Today’s goal: 7 hours of timed writing (day 8)”

Today’s goal: 5.5 hours of timed writing (day 7)

One week in on my effort to post daily goals and I’m not disliking it. :) As long as I keep it to the point I think this is the kind of accountability post best suited to me, of all the kinds I’ve tried over the years. Today’s goal is a little different. I’ve setContinue reading “Today’s goal: 5.5 hours of timed writing (day 7)”