It’s time for a permanent reduction in distractive reading

I’ve started using the Mind the Time add-on for Firefox again, temporarily, to help me keep an eye on time I’m spending on things I need to cut out of my day so I have more time for reading fiction, watching TV, doing random stuff, all while still having plenty of time for writing. SeeContinue reading “It’s time for a permanent reduction in distractive reading”

Web reading challenge: day 4

I started this challenge on January 23rd, making today day four. I haven’t cracked once since I started it, but it sure hasn’t been easy. I seek out distractions when my brain gets tired of focusing on one thing and it’s been interesting to notice just how often that really is. That said, I thinkContinue reading “Web reading challenge: day 4”

Web reading challenge: morning one

Mornings are when I expect to have my most difficulty with this web reading challenge I’m doing. I tend to spend a lot of time in the mornings settling into the day reading this stuff. I didn’t have any trouble at all this morning. Haven’t even been tempted. Stopping myself from clicking certain things byContinue reading “Web reading challenge: morning one”

A challenge to end the endless clicking and refreshing

I’ve made a rash decision I’ll probably hate tomorrow, but I’ve decided to give up infotainment for a while—indefinitely would be better. I’ll accept the rest of this month and February as a compromise. To say I spend too much time clicking and refreshing is minimizing the amount of clicking and refreshing of web pagesContinue reading “A challenge to end the endless clicking and refreshing”