Daily writing – Sunday, Jan. 26, 2020

I’m changing the way I title these posts for my own benefit. I want the day in there so I can keep track of where I am in the week, and I like the way “progress” fits in my mind better than “daily post” which feels like an obligation. This is a blog, and it’sContinue reading “Daily writing – Sunday, Jan. 26, 2020”

December off to a slow start but today is an opportunity

I haven’t had the most promising start to December. Where I am: 1,334 words Where I’m supposed to be: 4,000 words. I don’t want to say I’m going to try to catch up today and even get ahead, because I’m not that good at meeting goals like this, but that’s what I’m going to do.Continue reading “December off to a slow start but today is an opportunity”

October 2019 progress

I forgot to post my October progress post. :) That shouldn’t be a surprise. I also forgot I was going to post about NANO. That update is out of the way and now I’m going to do the October progress post. :D October words: 19,168. That’s far under where I wanted to be for theContinue reading “October 2019 progress”

Fighting to keep up my momentum

April was a great month for writing. I wrote more than 50,000 words. May has been fantastic. But I’ve recently finished a book and now I’m fighting to keep up my momentum. Finishing a big project leaves me feeling adrift. I have to stop letting myself feel like I’ve finished something when I finish aContinue reading “Fighting to keep up my momentum”

Days 1–6 of NANO 2018

I forgot to post that I’m participating in NANO this year (NaNoWriMo, actually, meaning National Novel Writing Month, forever hereafter to be called NANO by me). I’m actually doing pretty well. I got off to a strong start on a new(ish) book (nope, I haven’t finished the ending of the last book, still working onContinue reading “Days 1–6 of NANO 2018”

Burning bridges and all that

So. I kind of burned some bridges yesterday. I think that’s a good thing, in this particular case. I’ve been dealing with some angst about KB for a while as I’m sure some of my previous posts here have made clear, and it had all turned into an emotional sinkhole and I needed to climbContinue reading “Burning bridges and all that”

Well, there you go. Bye-bye KBoards

My love/hate relationship with KBoards is pretty much over. VerticalScope bought the site from the former owner and snuck in terms of use changes that I noticed and brought to the attention of the other members, and boom, explosions happened. When all was said and done (not all has been said and done, but it’sContinue reading “Well, there you go. Bye-bye KBoards”

Writing as work

For years I’ve avoided thinking of writing as work. I’ve even written a blog post about how writing is not a job, and after re-reading that, I stand behind what I said about it not being a job. However, I’ve also started to have a realization that for me, maybe doing everything I can toContinue reading “Writing as work”

Oh, hell. I’ve already lost track of the days

So that book 19, day whatever lasted a few days. I don’t even know what to say about this. The day after my last post, I pretty much decided I was spending too much time detailing out my struggle to write and that I should focus more on actually writing, you know? So I madeContinue reading “Oh, hell. I’ve already lost track of the days”

August changes

A few things have changed since my last writing post. I’ve decided: To ditch timers and timed writing for good. It feels weird to sit down and write without the timer. I still look for it in the corner of my screen as I type. I still look for the column on my spreadsheet andContinue reading “August changes”

Focus on action and small wins; a new daily minimum

Today I’m starting work on my book much later than I planned. Mostly because I’ve spent too much of the day thinking about a decision I made a couple days ago and trying to decide if it’s the right one. I’ve finally decided it is. Tuesday, I decided to lower my minimum word count forContinue reading “Focus on action and small wins; a new daily minimum”

That stopped working surprisingly fast

I tried to recreate Sunday’s success on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, but no such luck. It just didn’t work and I’m at a loss to explain why. Word counts: Sunday (of course) = 2,073 (5.017 hours) Monday = 670 (2.4 hours) Tuesday = 379 (3.533 hours) Wednesday = 103 (.467 hours) I’m really not doingContinue reading “That stopped working surprisingly fast”

Facing resistance and adjusting the plan

You know how you make a plan and then immediately feel resistant to actually following through? Yes, well, that’s been happening to me. So instead of letting myself get too far down that hole, I’ve decided to make a few adjustments to the plan. I wrote a long post about this and then decided toContinue reading “Facing resistance and adjusting the plan”

No more coffee—a lifelong challenge to ditch coffee for good, forever

I’ve quit and restarted my coffee habit many times over the course of my life. It’s finally time for me to commit to making a lifelong change. I like coffee but the caffeine and even the coffee itself isn’t doing me any favors these days. This post is my written commitment to ditch coffee forContinue reading “No more coffee—a lifelong challenge to ditch coffee for good, forever”

4:52 pm and a 2,800 word goal

Today started off well enough. I finished organizing (cleaning out) my music directory. Doing that was a better use of my time than (re)organizing my email again, but that’s not possible any more because sometime last month I deleted all my email. I saved a few particular pieces of interest to a few relevant foldersContinue reading “4:52 pm and a 2,800 word goal”