Fighting to keep up my momentum

April was a great month for writing. I wrote more than 50,000 words. May has been fantastic. But I’ve recently finished a book and now I’m fighting to keep up my momentum. Finishing a big project leaves me feeling adrift. I have to stop letting myself feel like I’ve finished something when I finish aContinue reading “Fighting to keep up my momentum”

Writing and an experiment with mealtimes

Yay! I’ve been writing today. Nowhere near the amount of writing I wanted to do, and my only excuse for that is distractions, but it’s nice to NOT be struggling to sit down and write. One distraction of note is my new mealtime schedule. I’m still trying to lose some of the weight I gainedContinue reading “Writing and an experiment with mealtimes”

Facing resistance and adjusting the plan

You know how you make a plan and then immediately feel resistant to actually following through? Yes, well, that’s been happening to me. So instead of letting myself get too far down that hole, I’ve decided to make a few adjustments to the plan. I wrote a long post about this and then decided toContinue reading “Facing resistance and adjusting the plan”