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Tag: Planning

  • Plans for the year—2022

    I need 2022 to be better than 2021 so I have a few goals for myself to make that happen.

  • Year in review—2021

    How did I do in 2021? Not my best year, to be honest. In fact, it was hands down my worst year yet. Sigh.

  • Well, back to timed writing!

    Trying timed writing. Again.

  • Practicing

    Future plans and my plan to try a weekly quota.

  • Getting stuff out the door before Christmas and a new year’s goal

    Clearing my slate and thinking about the new year.

  • Time to publish and move on

    I have a lot of works in progress. It’s time to get moving on them again.

  • It’s time to write on fewer stories at one time

    I currently have ten stories in progress. The longest one is at 66,000+ words and the shortest is at 188. Overall, I have more than 107,000 words of unfinished stories waiting to be finished. This is the natural result of keeping multiple stories going at once. I’ve been working on the premise that I should […]

  • Daily post – Jan. 22, 2020 – Wednesday

    Short night. Went to sleep at 3 am, woke up at 8 and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I’m up early. Today I’m coming at my writing from the angle of no schedule at all. I haven’t decided if I’ll use a timer. I guess it depends on what happens when I sit down […]

  • Unthinking my writing plans and making adjustments

    So. I’m in a tough spot right now. I keep going over things in my head, trying to come up with some process that will help me get past my boredom to do the writing I need and want (but don’t want) to do. I want to do it, but I don’t want to sit […]

  • Day two of working the new mindset

    Today I’ve set aside two main blocks for writing. I’m posting here for the accountability. I’ll come back and fill in my progress later today when I have the time to spare. I’m doing it again today, because it turns out I do like this planning and working to the plan thing. :) 2:00–5:30 pm […]

  • Chopped up writing day but a writing day it will be

    It’s going to be a chopped up day but writing can’t wait, so I’m setting aside several blocks of time. I’m posting here for the accountability. I’ll come back and fill in my progress later today when I have the time to spare. I think I’m going to like this planning and working to the […]

  • New plan because July needs rescued

    So July has been a terrible month for writing, but I haven’t given up on rescuing it yet. Starting tomorrow I’m going to just plow into my most appealing current story in progress and try to pick up some momentum. The plan is simple. Start writing and don’t stop until I’m done, or 4 pm. […]

  • July 8, 2018 Sunday writing

    It’s 9:18 in the morning and I’m going to start today’s writing soon. I prefer to write every day, so Sunday is no day off for me. I’ve tried taking weekends off, but I just do not do well when I change up my routine. I’m much better at sticking to something if I don’t […]

  • Disappointed with my progress this last two weeks

    I’ve had a couple of bad weeks of writing and I’m anxious to stop the downward slide. It’s 1:34 in the morning and I’ve spent another evening doing everything I can to avoid getting started with writing. It’ll continue until I decide to put a stop to it. So that’s what I’m doing. Tomorrow, I’ll […]

  • Funnily enough I feel good about writing today

    After last night’s contemplative mood, I’m surprised by how well I feel today, about writing, about the future, about everything. Well, except for the spider infestation I seem to be dealing with. Not so happy about that! But they’re little spiders, with feathery legs, and those kind don’t trigger my phobia the way most other […]

  • Start trying to reach minimum by noon

    The title is brought to you by my plan. :) Starting today (It’s only 9:05 a.m.!) I want to try to finish my minimum by noon each day. By finishing early, I’ll take a lot of the pressure off and be able to enjoy writing in the afternoons when I do it, read fiction and […]

  • A plan for the future

    I’m tired of lowercase titles. And yet, I continue to use them. :) Today I have a plan. 20 minute blocks x 12 of them @ ~750 words an hour = 3,000 words Yep. That’s my plan. In fact, it’s my plan for every day for the indefinite future. I’ve been giving some thought to […]

  • The new year… I’m not ready!

    Well, back in mid-December sometime, I decided I was going to get myself to 2,000 words a day and stick there so I’d be all ready for the new year and my goal of 2,000 a day. :o Then the holidays came. Then I got sick. I felt better yesterday, but stuff happened and I […]

  • Feeling well enough to write

    I’m still in bed, writing this on my Kindle Fire, but when I get up I’m going to need to get writing today. My headache is improved although my eyeballs still hurt when I move them and my head is a bit sore feeling, especially around my temples and neck area. But the fever stayed […]

  • Aiming for more but giving up the need for speed

    I’m tired of chasing speed. I’m putting a hold on the push to write faster.