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  • Next goal is 7,000 words in a day

    Back in 2018, I finally reached my goal to write 6,000 words in a day. I beat that word count in 2019, but I still didn’t break out of the 6,000 word range. I’m hoping to reach 7,000 in 2020, even if it’s just one time, so this is my post marking that goal. :)

  • Revisiting a post: The “no timers” thing

    I am finally settling into a nice work flow that does not rely on timers to keep me writing. I’m occasionally dipping into more than one story at a time, but I’m surprised at how often I’m staying focused on one book. It’s obvious to me now that something was wrong then, but isn’t that […]

  • About the writing of my current book

    A post about the writing of my current book—not craft, not concerns, just a few little tidbits of information I was able to gather from my daily word count log that I found interesting.

  • The “no timers” thing

    When I revisited getting rid of my timers, I thought the beginning of 2017 and the middle of 2017 was the last time I’d addressed the issue. But I was wrong. As I published my last post and checked through it as I usually do, I clicked the “corrective action“ tag. It showed me a […]

  • Taking another run at “The End”

    Writing should be fun.

  • Tuesday the 31st of October: the beginning of the rest of my life

    Today is Tuesday the 31st of October. It’s also the beginning of the rest of my life. What I do today and tomorrow does not have to follow the pattern of what I did yesterday and the day before. That’s my truth. That’s my resolution.

  • Read another book and learned something about writing

    I didn’t write anything yesterday, after a really late start to the day, reading half a book, then going off to do stuff that has to be done when you’re running a household. But reading that book yesterday and today—which I really enjoyed, by the way—taught me something I know but seem unable to learn. […]

  • It’s time for a permanent reduction in distractive reading

    I’ve started using the Mind the Time add-on for Firefox again, temporarily, to help me keep an eye on time I’m spending on things I need to cut out of my day so I have more time for reading fiction, watching TV, doing random stuff, all while still having plenty of time for writing. See […]

  • No more coffee—a lifelong challenge to ditch coffee for good, forever

    I’ve quit and restarted my coffee habit many times over the course of my life. It’s finally time for me to commit to making a lifelong change. I like coffee but the caffeine and even the coffee itself isn’t doing me any favors these days. This post is my written commitment to ditch coffee for […]

  • New year, no plan

    Today begins the new year. On the other hand, my plan hasn’t changed. In case I haven’t done a good enough job of laying out that plan, here it is again. There is no plan. Here’s what I wrote in one of the Google+ communities I’m in. 2016 words written: 220,071 Definitely want to see […]

  • Why I’m (mostly) forcing myself to stick to writing one book at a time

    I’m writing this down because I’m sure I’m going to forget it, just when I need to remember it most. Taking too long to finish a book is a sure way to bore me! I have to start finishing my books faster, if I want to save my love of writing. Because honestly, it’s starting […]

  • New goal: more average and moderate word count days, fewer low word count days

    I have to stop reevaluating my daily word count goal. It’s kind of stupid really, all this number crunching I do. I’ve approached it in so many different ways that it doesn’t even make sense to keep redoing the calculations. I already know about where the numbers are going to end up. I guess I […]

  • Recognizing perfectionism

    I had a realization yesterday morning and it’s led me to some serious soul-searching. My 12-month 1,180,000 word challenge is quite possibly—probably, in fact—a manifestation of perfectionism. I’ve been upfront with the fact that I suffer from repeated bouts of perfectionism, and I don’t always realize when I’ve let it creep back into my life. […]

  • July 11: follow up & the decision to go all in

    I’m really disappointed in myself right now. A couple of things happened that stopped me from returning to my work at 1 pm today, one of those being a  headache. That’s a legitimate issue, but in all truth, I should have worked through it. I needed to work through it. I know what was to […]

  • When something isn’t working, it’s time to change something

    I still believe that writing on multiple stories is the way to a better word count for me. So this isn’t about that. What it’s about is the fact that I just cannot seem to get moving again on ANY of my books. I am stuck. So if what I’m doing isn’t working—and nothing I’ve tried […]

  • Time to focus on the 12-month 1,180,000 words challenge

    So I’ve been giving some thought to what I can do to get moving on this challenge: 12 months, 1,180,000 words. I need to stay focused. I’ve had to step back from the cover design practice, because I had become well and truly obsessed. 57 of 98 days since January 1 have been zero word […]

  • About yesterday, book covers, a sleepless night, and work

    I started working on some book cover practice yesterday and got sucked in so I missed my last writing block. I did a lot of thinking yesterday about some decisions I needed to make about covers. I’ve hired out the latest cover for one of my series. I’m so ambivalent about having done that that it’s driving […]

  • There is no magic pill

    I’ve spent the whole day planning. I’ve planned my calorie intake (11850 per week if that’s of interest to you). I’ve planned my menu (just eat as much of the same thing every day this week as possible to save time). I’ve planned to quit drinking coffee again and do it with as little agony […]

  • Thinking out loud helps me think better

    I started wondering at the purpose of this blog again this morning, just as I was about to write another “I’m not meeting my goals at the moment, but I’m going to do better” post and discovered it would be post number 721, and I actually came up with a couple of interesting (to me) […]

  • Getting started when I have other things to do today

    Today, I have a lunch date to keep. I find that when I have things to do, I usually have a lot more trouble focusing. I’m also getting started late, because I spent two hours on a thing that I was sure would take me no more than half an hour to do. Also, I’ve had […]