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Tag: What stops me from writing

  • July 1-13 progress

    Time for another progress post. (Progress on what? Go here.) As usual, the moment I made a plan for myself, I backed away from it—not in thought but in action. Little things tend to disrupt me in big ways. That’s what seems to have happened with the keyboard issue I had to deal with this […]

  • Taking another run at “The End”

    Writing should be fun.

  • It’s well past noon and I have not finished my words today

    That title says it all: it’s past noon and I still haven’t reached 1,557 words. What happened? I couldn’t stay focused and on task today.  At ALL. It’s 4:16 in fact and here’s what I’ve done: I have 16 minutes left on my first 45 minute timer and I’ve written 346 words. That’s actually pretty […]