Challenge day eight (seriously!)

This could take all month! Yesterday, unfortunately, I really underestimated how long the taxes thing would take. I left at 11 am and returned at 4:30 pm. By the time I ate an early supper, it was 5:30 and I was so brain tired I had a difficult time even thinking about getting started again.Continue reading “Challenge day eight (seriously!)”

Going too far afield (challenge update)

I’m afraid I’m going to lose some words today. The current material is going too far afield of the scenes I’ve already written. I had hoped they would join up but now it’s not looking good for that possibility. I’m at 965 words for the morning and I’m still trying to reach 2000 before lunch.Continue reading “Going too far afield (challenge update)”

Too much second guessing (challenge update)

It’s obvious to me that one big problem for me when it comes to speed is the speed at which I second guess my choices. Today’s attempt to cross that 6,000 word barrier has been hampered at every turn by my tendency to write something, then write something else, then delete something, then delete somethingContinue reading “Too much second guessing (challenge update)”

Challenge morning three

I’m just going to keep trying until I get there. Yesterday I fell far short of 6,000 words, so here I go again. (A phrase that totally just played through my head with music.) I’ve had breakfast and I have my hot honey lemon water beside me and my WiFi off. Estimated time to completionContinue reading “Challenge morning three”

Too little momentum (challenge update)

I’m just shy of 2,000 words and it’s taken me just over five hours to get there. I’m doing better than yesterday, but nowhere near good enough to reach 6,000 words by my bedtime today unless something changes significantly. I do expect to finish today with a much better word count than yesterday though. OneContinue reading “Too little momentum (challenge update)”

Giving up on the dream—but only for today (challenge update)

I’ll have to try again tomorrow to break through the 6,000 word ceiling I seem to have. Although admittedly, it felt more like a 1,000 word ceiling today! I logged about 7 solid hours of writing (sans interruptions, breaks, etc) and still have only managed to reach 1,495 words for the day. I’ll continue writingContinue reading “Giving up on the dream—but only for today (challenge update)”

Remaining hopeful despite bleak numbers (challenge update)

I’m remaining hopeful despite the  bleak numbers because I have at least made it to almost 1000 words today. The fact that it has taken me over 4 hours to get there is irrelevant. (4 hours of writing, not just 4 hours ununfortunately.) I will carry on until the end because sometimes writing is slowContinue reading “Remaining hopeful despite bleak numbers (challenge update)”

Uh oh! (challenge update)

Here is my first challenge update. I’m way behind already. After 1 hour and 49 minutes, I’m only up by 149 words. Getting through the last of the material I wrote a few weeks ago is taking too long. Perfectionism? Probably. I’m going to try to get through the rest of it faster. As ofContinue reading “Uh oh! (challenge update)”

Still making progress, but still much too slow

I’m making progress on this book, still, but it’s still too slow. I mean, really, way too slow. Yesterday, I ended with a net gain of 274 words. Today I’ll spend as much time on the book as possible, so we’ll see where I end up. As of this moment, I’m on chapter 9 andContinue reading “Still making progress, but still much too slow”

How many hours did I work last year on writing?

I figure about 40 hours per book for publishing tasks. I can double that to 80 if I want to include every last thing I do like studying book cover design and process tweaks like creating new Word style sheets and so on. I wrote 220,071 words. My speed range is 250–1200 words per hour,Continue reading “How many hours did I work last year on writing?”

I’ve made a mistake I don’t plan to make again

Yesterday morning, I read a good chunk of my current book. I was pretty damn pleased with it. But there were a few things I needed to fix. Only I decided not to highlight those things because I knew I was going to have to get back to the read through on the computer andContinue reading “I’ve made a mistake I don’t plan to make again”