It’s time for a schedule (so I can write lots of books this year)

I don’t think I’ve ever had it so hard when trying to restart my writing after a break. I’m so out of the habit of daily writing that I literally keep forgetting to get started. Last night, I decided it was time to go back to a schedule. I don’t want to think of thisContinue reading “It’s time for a schedule (so I can write lots of books this year)”

Daily post – Jan. 16, 2020

And here I am doing a morning post. :) Let’s see, yesterday’s word count was 190 words, just enough to keep my streak alive (I needed 163 per the new rules). Today I’m trying something a little different. Yesterday was a disaster and I think it’s because I let the numbers get in my head.Continue reading “Daily post – Jan. 16, 2020”

Timed sessions are back (because there’s no such thing as never again)

This post is the result of several drafts. I started it off intending to talk about my attempt to try scheduled writing again. That didn’t work out so the post fell by the wayside. Me and writing schedules do not fit together, and I can’t believe I’m having to say this again, because I knowContinue reading “Timed sessions are back (because there’s no such thing as never again)”

July 8, 2018 Sunday writing

It’s 9:18 in the morning and I’m going to start today’s writing soon. I prefer to write every day, so Sunday is no day off for me. I’ve tried taking weekends off, but I just do not do well when I change up my routine. I’m much better at sticking to something if I don’tContinue reading “July 8, 2018 Sunday writing”

June 1–15 progress

Today I’m writing. I’ve written something every day for seventeen days now, in fact. Some days, of course, were longer than others when it comes to how much time I spent writing. On the whole, though, I’ve stuck to my 12–4 schedule and created a bit of a routine for myself. The fact is, I needContinue reading “June 1–15 progress”

I scheduled writing time and finally got started writing again

After months of having trouble getting started writing again after finishing my last book, I went to bed one night with the plan to sit down the next day from 12–4 and write. Nothing else had been working to get me started again and this really was a last ditch effort to just put inContinue reading “I scheduled writing time and finally got started writing again”

My schedule is killing my productivity

No joke, my schedule is killing my productivity. The unfortunate truth is that I need a schedule. That doesn’t seem to matter. I can’t stop myself from constantly making changes to any schedule I create, and even when I leave it wide open for writing and just fill in the basics like lunch, supper, andContinue reading “My schedule is killing my productivity”

Something new

It’s interesting, because I thought I’d tried just about everything to get myself writing faster and more regularly, but obviously I haven’t tried everything, because I tried something yesterday that’s working out pretty well (between yesterday and today) and I really don’t remember having tried it before (or at least in this way). Here’s whatContinue reading “Something new”

I have five minutes to write this post

I realized yesterday that what I’ve been doing isn’t working. I haven’t been writing at the pace I want to write, and I got frustrated last night, set my timer for 30 minutes, and wrote 449 words. Which came to 898 words an hour, and if that isn’t some kind of sign, I don’t knowContinue reading “I have five minutes to write this post”

I’ve let myself get behind—by a lot

I have a deadline coming up, very much a “can’t miss this date” deadline. It’s making me anxious. I mean, technically, I could miss it. The date is still listed as tentative, but in my head, I know it’s not a deadline I need to miss. I don’t want to miss it. The fact is,Continue reading “I’ve let myself get behind—by a lot”

Schedule update: times are almost right, sessions keep changing

Since I started following a writing schedule again, I’ve found that some adjustments have had to be made. A few things just weren’t working out how I’d like. I added an extra half hour for the midday break. I also stopped an hour earlier for lunch and moved that hour to after lunch. Scheduled timesContinue reading “Schedule update: times are almost right, sessions keep changing”

Self-discipline: a necessary evil–and possibly the key to my happiness

So… I’ve been thinking again. We all know I favor thinking over action as often as I can. ;) I was writing my word count post yesterday when I realized that I really have become the kind of writer I don’t want to be: unreliable, undisciplined, and full of excuses for why my books areContinue reading “Self-discipline: a necessary evil–and possibly the key to my happiness”