Another slip but a two day streak I’d like to keep alive despite the holidays

I only wrote 1,007 words yesterday. My accept-no-excuses attitude obviously needs work. I had a raging headache yesterday and never really got moving on my words until it got late, and then couldn’t stick it out when I got sleepy. On the other hand, I wrote 1,007 words and that means I have a twoContinue reading “Another slip but a two day streak I’d like to keep alive despite the holidays”

September 2019 progress

September passed much too quickly. I wanted to finish more projects in September and it didn’t happen. September words: 24,609. I did keep my “no more zero word days” streak alive. Yesterday marked 62 days of daily writing. But there were a few days there when I’m not sure I like how I did it.Continue reading “September 2019 progress”

No more zero word days—day 12

Notes on the challenge: Only true zero word days count as zero word days, meaning— Negative numbers aren’t zero word days because they just indicate that I deleted more than I wrote. I don’t want oodles of negative word days, because forward progress matters a lot more than just logging a number that isn’t aContinue reading “No more zero word days—day 12”

Day 14 of NANO 2018

Day 14: I wrote 0 words for the NANO book (6,241 words total for all my fiction). YES! You got that right. I finally broke through that 6,000 words barrier today, breaking my own one-day word count record. For the first time since I started tracking my daily word counts, I have written more thanContinue reading “Day 14 of NANO 2018”