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Tag: Failure

  • I fail a lot

    I fail a lot. I think the overwhelming number of posts I’ve put on this site where I candidly admit that I haven’t reached some goal I’ve set for the day tells that story well. Night before last, I failed again. I didn’t write 500 words or 2,000 words, and I didn’t end up staying […]

  • Not going to give up without a fight

    I’m trying to come up with my goal for today. I think I’m done with the catch-up attempt for hours because I’m further behind now than I was when I started yesterday. On the other hand, this morning, I’ve already written for 13 minutes and put down 87 words of stuff. It’s a start. I’m […]

  • Saying is not doing

    You know how you sometimes say you’re going to do something but then when it comes to actually doing said something, you just… don’t? Yeah. That happened. I was determined yesterday to get in my time and reach 3,000 words. I wrote it down in my journal. But nope, I didn’t do it when it […]

  • Holiday! Yes, I did

    I took the day off yesterday, although yesterday I didn’t feel like I was taking the day off. Time kept getting away from me and between not feeling well and several holiday activities I participated in, I just didn’t write. So it’s a retroactive day off, I guess. I wish I’d known that when I […]

  • Nope—didn’t make it

    I’m calling it a night at 1,531 and about 3 hours. I’ve done a little more than that but totally lost track because I started adding things to the story without the timer going. So who knows the actual time spent today, but I didn’t make enough progress on my word count to worry over […]

  • Giving up on the dream—but only for today (challenge update)

    I’ll have to try again tomorrow to break through the 6,000 word ceiling I seem to have. Although admittedly, it felt more like a 1,000 word ceiling today! I logged about 7 solid hours of writing (sans interruptions, breaks, etc) and still have only managed to reach 1,495 words for the day. I’ll continue writing […]

  • New schedule update

    I like my schedule; it’s not working for me at all. What’s new?

  • Disheartened by a bad book

    I can’t make people like my books. I can’t really change what and how I write, or if I could, I wouldn’t want to, because then I just wouldn’t want to write. I don’t always enjoy the process of writing, and it’s the story, written the way I want it written, that carries me through […]

  • June 27 writing schedule update

    As you’ve probably already guessed, the schedule hasn’t helped in any way to get me started writing again. I haven’t even come close to getting started on time a single time since I came up with it, because for some reason beyond me, I’ve gone from going to bed at a reasonable hour to staying […]