December 1–12 progress

I sat down tonight to write something after another day of not writing anything. I haven’t so far. Instead, here I am writing this, after spending about forty minutes looking at reports, messing with Gmail (I had forgotten you can still access Gmail through the basic HTML link for slow connections, so that was entertaining)Continue reading “December 1–12 progress”

Today’s (writing) forecast

Today’s writing forecast: cloudy, stormy, but not without hope. ;-) A rainy day always makes for a good writing day, as far as I’m concerned. I need to write at least a couple thousand words today, or I need to just admit I’m not going to finish this book anytime in the next three months.Continue reading “Today’s (writing) forecast”

June 1–15 progress

Today I’m writing. I’ve written something every day for seventeen days now, in fact. Some days, of course, were longer than others when it comes to how much time I spent writing. On the whole, though, I’ve stuck to my 12–4 schedule and created a bit of a routine for myself. The fact is, I needContinue reading “June 1–15 progress”

It’s catch-up day redux! Goal: 6.7 hours of writing

Since I didn’t succeed yesterday in catching up, I’ve decided to give it one more go. Today I will try to accumulate 6.7 hours of writing. That’ll give me today’s three hours, plus catch me up with Saturday’s and Sunday’s three hours each. Whew. I’m only doing this because I need some way to decideContinue reading “It’s catch-up day redux! Goal: 6.7 hours of writing”

Postponement of yesterday to today

So yesterday I did not finish with chapter 15 to 16. Life interrupted and I finally gave in and postponed to today what I wanted to accomplish yesterday. So everything I said yesterday? Applies to today. :) Not that I didn’t make any progress yesterday, because I did. I spent 1.517 hours writing (timed writing)Continue reading “Postponement of yesterday to today”