Writing delays and deadline approaching

Yesterday I wrote:

Time to get to work now, and I’ll report back later with the results! I’m hoping to get all the way through the book today, and add about 4k words to the story.

And then my A/C and heating unit died.

So yesterday did not turn into a stellar writing day. In fact, I wrote only 306 words, and I’m lucky I did that. I don’t find it easy to concentrate when I’m anxious. I waited for the serviceman to come out and one of my kids came home from school early, feeling bad, and then I got the bad news about the unit.

It’s in a really bad way that’s going to cost me out the nose to get fixed, assuming it’s not just more economical in the long run to buy a new unit altogether.

Yep, that bad.

Today, I’m struggling to let it all go long enough to get started on my book—I honestly thought I’d be writing by now, and maybe finishing my second hour up.

Against my better judgment I’m still trying to catch up by finishing one particular book this month. I’m down to 8 days until I pass up my deadline. I need at least 3,526 words a day just on this book to now maybe reach the end of the book in time. If it goes long, I’m in trouble. If I miss a day, I’m in trouble. If I use all my time writing on some other story, I’m in trouble.

Let’s just admit it: I’m already in trouble with this book.

I’m just going to ignore the part of my brain trying to tell me I can’t do this, because of course I can do this. I’ve shown these past 5 weeks that I can write 3,933 words in as little as 4 hours. Worst case scenario, I can still write 400 words in 1 hour, and that means I can write 3,526 words in 9 hours. I can write for 9 hours. I don’t really want to, but I can.

So no excuses. I can do this. I can finish this book in 8 days, and maybe have a little writing left for other stories too.

I just need to get this one book out of the way so I can have what my write multiple stories at once experiment seems to be promising me: total writing freedom while writing many more words than before. :)

It’s time to quit putting it off and get started. I have somewhere to be later today and I’d like to finish my writing before I go so I can end this day feeling accomplished.