It’s time to write on fewer stories at one time

I currently have ten stories in progress. The longest one is at 66,000+ words and the shortest is at 188. Overall, I have more than 107,000 words of unfinished stories waiting to be finished. This is the natural result of keeping multiple stories going at once. I’ve been working on the premise that I shouldContinue reading “It’s time to write on fewer stories at one time”

October 2019 progress

I forgot to post my October progress post. :) That shouldn’t be a surprise. I also forgot I was going to post about NANO. That update is out of the way and now I’m going to do the October progress post. :D October words: 19,168. That’s far under where I wanted to be for theContinue reading “October 2019 progress”

A lot of rambling about writing and a second challenge

Decided to give the “no timers” challenge a shot again after looking at my current run of daily word counts and comparing them to the run I had in April and May in which I didn’t use timers. The numbers so far are promising even after what I thought was a bad start but reallyContinue reading “A lot of rambling about writing and a second challenge”

Today’s goal: 5 hours of timed writing (day 9)

I enjoy the challenge of working on multiple stories so I’m going to spread those hours out over the seven stories I have in progress. They’re all growing at a satisfactory clip and I’m pretty doggone happy with how it’s going. The biggest complaint I have is that I really need to read some ofContinue reading “Today’s goal: 5 hours of timed writing (day 9)”

Today’s goal: 7 hours of timed writing (day 8)

I totally failed at 5.5 hours yesterday, so why not set today’s goal for 7 hours? Yep. I know. But I have a plan. So I have to keep this short. Today’s goal is 7 hours of writing. I’m not setting a word count goal because I’m pretty sure as long as things go okay,Continue reading “Today’s goal: 7 hours of timed writing (day 8)”

Today’s goal: 5.5 hours of timed writing (day 7)

One week in on my effort to post daily goals and I’m not disliking it. :) As long as I keep it to the point I think this is the kind of accountability post best suited to me, of all the kinds I’ve tried over the years. Today’s goal is a little different. I’ve setContinue reading “Today’s goal: 5.5 hours of timed writing (day 7)”

Why the new plan does not include writing on multiple stories

I had a lot of success producing more words when I let myself work on whatever I wanted. That doesn’t really work with the new plan. Theoretically, if I’m having a bad day I can still move on to another story within the group of series stories that I’m working on, but one thing IContinue reading “Why the new plan does not include writing on multiple stories”

It’s all a work in progress

Hmm. It’s possible I was overly optimistic about my start time today for writing, since I was trying to make up for a really short night of sleep the night before. You see, the night before last, I stayed up and binge watched Stranger Things on Netflix. I shouldn’t have, and I didn’t mean to,Continue reading “It’s all a work in progress”

Failure in May wasn’t as bad as it feels

I didn’t write but 1/3 of what I wanted to write in May, but in the end, when I looked harder at the numbers, I discovered it wasn’t as bad a failure as it feels. May’s word count comes in at 35,296. Only 7 months out of 46 have been higher. May was my 47th monthContinue reading “Failure in May wasn’t as bad as it feels”

Multiple stories at once: seventh week & summary to date

I thought I’d list this week’s progress and then list out how I’ve been tracking from the beginning and maybe even compare it to this time last year and a few of my more productive 7 week periods from the past just to see if there’s anything there to learn. Thursday—Wednesday, May 19–May 25 (9)Continue reading “Multiple stories at once: seventh week & summary to date”

Multiple stories at once: sixth week

Thursday—Wednesday, May 12–May 18 306 2 stories 0 3,618 2 stories 372 2 stories 0 0 0 Total: 4,296 words Ouch. This was a terrible week when it came to writing. Honestly, it wasn’t much better for anything else either. It’s the end of the school year and my routine is completely out of order andContinue reading “Multiple stories at once: sixth week”

Multiple stories at once: fifth week

Thursday—Wednesday, May 5–May 11 701 1 story 1,656 1 story 747 2 stories 256 1 story 1,613 1 story 3,728 2 stories 2,581 1 story Total = 11,282 words I didn’t feel like I was writing multiple stories this week, probably because I’ve been panicking a bit about a book I’m trying to finish (which isContinue reading “Multiple stories at once: fifth week”

Multiple stories at once: fourth week

Thursday—Wednesday, April 28–May 4 2,260 2 stories 3,228 2 stories 1,439 1 story 1,009 2 stories 595 2 stories 2,330 3 stories 1,087 2 stories Total: 11,948 Definitely under where I’d like to be, but it still works out to a daily average of 1,707 words which is considerably better than my 2016 daily average ofContinue reading “Multiple stories at once: fourth week”

Multiple stories at once: third week

Thursday—Wednesday, April 21–27 245 (4 stories) (was not a writing day, just inputting error corrections after a read through) 2,245 (1 story) 2,863 (1 story) 149 (3 stories) 2,831 (2 stories) 4,858 (1 story) 3,736 (2 stories) Total: 16,927 words. It was a good week—really good, in all honesty, but I didn’t really come close to myContinue reading “Multiple stories at once: third week”

Multiple stories at once: second week

Another week has gone by—already—and I have another week of data to support my growing belief that writing on multiple stories in the particular way I’m doing it now is the best thing I’ve done for my writing in a long while. Thursday—Wednesday, April 14–20 4,185 (3 stories) 4,798 (3 stories) 1,752 (3 stories) 242 (2 stories) 0Continue reading “Multiple stories at once: second week”

Multiple stories at once: first week

I have 8 days worth of words to count now, so my first week writing on multiple stories is done, and I feel like I have something to say about this method: it really works for me. Thursday—Wednesday, April 7–13 3,003 (4 stories) 1,009 (2 stories) 1,347 (2 stories) 3,557 (4 stories) 3,983 (2 stories) 5,391Continue reading “Multiple stories at once: first week”