Fear and growth and perfection

This post is a few days old, but there’s value here I think so I’ve decided to post it even though I wasn’t going to originally. First thing I did after I woke up this morning was open OneNote and type a note to myself (this was after recognizing that I just didn’t have whatContinue reading “Fear and growth and perfection”

Let’s discuss numbers today

Word count numbers, that is. My daily average for a seven and a half year period is 561 words per day. I’ve mentioned time and again that I’d like to get that number to 2,000 words a day. Not the historical average, because that would be a massive undertaking, but I’d like to reach aContinue reading “Let’s discuss numbers today”

April 8–20 progress

I am definitely on to something with the “no sweets before 1,000 words” thing. April has been a great writing month so far and I’m putting the credit for that entirely on that little rule I’ve been following. Yeah, I’ve had one or two days overall where I’ve not reached 1,000 words and gone toContinue reading “April 8–20 progress”

The new plan for 2,400 words a day

I don’t think I went into this in my last post, but I have recently made a small change to my 2,000 words a day plan. I’m aiming for 2,400 words a day instead. Not because I want to actually average 2,400 words a day, because that has not changed. A 2,000 words a dayContinue reading “The new plan for 2,400 words a day”

Today is the day I’ll write 2,000 words for the first time since November 2017

Fiction words, that is. I’ve written plenty, many days, that probably put me well over 2,000 words in general. What I haven’t done is write 2,000 words in a day since November 29, 2017 on any of my books or stories. But today is looking like the day I break that streak. I’ve already writtenContinue reading “Today is the day I’ll write 2,000 words for the first time since November 2017”

June 1–15 progress

Today I’m writing. I’ve written something every day for seventeen days now, in fact. Some days, of course, were longer than others when it comes to how much time I spent writing. On the whole, though, I’ve stuck to my 12–4 schedule and created a bit of a routine for myself. The fact is, I needContinue reading “June 1–15 progress”

How fast can I reach 1,557 words today?

My first goal for today is 1,557 words (which is my normal daily goal). Let’s see how fast I can reach it. Fast? Maybe not. But… Progress— 10:51 am: 13 minutes, 87 words. 11:35 am: 30 minutes, 214 words. 12:25 pm: 29 minutes, 175 words. 2:34 pm: 7 minutes, 78 words. 3:28 pm: 11 minutes,Continue reading “How fast can I reach 1,557 words today?”

Not going to give up without a fight

I’m trying to come up with my goal for today. I think I’m done with the catch-up attempt for hours because I’m further behind now than I was when I started yesterday. On the other hand, this morning, I’ve already written for 13 minutes and put down 87 words of stuff. It’s a start. I’mContinue reading “Not going to give up without a fight”

It’s catch-up day redux! Goal: 6.7 hours of writing

Since I didn’t succeed yesterday in catching up, I’ve decided to give it one more go. Today I will try to accumulate 6.7 hours of writing. That’ll give me today’s three hours, plus catch me up with Saturday’s and Sunday’s three hours each. Whew. I’m only doing this because I need some way to decideContinue reading “It’s catch-up day redux! Goal: 6.7 hours of writing”

It’s catch-up day! Goal: 7.484 hours of writing

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m trying to write for three hours today, catch up yesterday’s three hours, and finish Saturday’s three hours. That means I’m trying to accumulate 7.484 hours of timed writing today. Progress— 1:18 pm: finished a session of 61 minutes, wrote 135 words. 3:13 pm: ended a short sessionContinue reading “It’s catch-up day! Goal: 7.484 hours of writing”

Facing resistance and adjusting the plan

You know how you make a plan and then immediately feel resistant to actually following through? Yes, well, that’s been happening to me. So instead of letting myself get too far down that hole, I’ve decided to make a few adjustments to the plan. I wrote a long post about this and then decided toContinue reading “Facing resistance and adjusting the plan”

You think you got this and then you don’t do the work

That title there? Basically the exact thing that’s happened today. I was sure I was on track after having two successful days of writing—successful in that I sat myself down and managed to write for four complete hours each day, even if it took me much longer than I’d have liked. But then today cameContinue reading “You think you got this and then you don’t do the work”

4:52 pm and a 2,800 word goal

Today started off well enough. I finished organizing (cleaning out) my music directory. Doing that was a better use of my time than (re)organizing my email again, but that’s not possible any more because sometime last month I deleted all my email. I saved a few particular pieces of interest to a few relevant foldersContinue reading “4:52 pm and a 2,800 word goal”

Two-thirds of 6,000 is still not 6,000, especially when you have to delete (challenge update)

Well, I’d made it less than two digits away from 4,000 words when it came time to delete some more random pieces of writing at the end of my document. I’m now back down to 3,575 words, after a possible record breaking 8 hours and 39 minutes of writing. It’s possible I’ve spent that muchContinue reading “Two-thirds of 6,000 is still not 6,000, especially when you have to delete (challenge update)”

Challenge day nine (yes, I’m still trying)

I got up ready to get started writing, but of course I was still having issues with the thing that stopped me last night. It took me hours to get past it this morning. HOURS. But I did. Finally. It’s 7:10 pm and I’ve written 1,093 words today. Here are my Gleeo time tracker entries.Continue reading “Challenge day nine (yes, I’m still trying)”