Just three of those days?

Yeah, it’s a streak.

Definitely not the good kind.

I set out yesterday to write early, and I did. But I also quit early and then didn’t restart. My one 48 minute session was all I did and my word count for day 16 of my 500 words a day effort was 230 words.

Today, on the other hand, is going to be great.

I got more sleep last night, albeit just a little; however, it was enough to make me feel better and I feel like I can get back on track today.

First things first: I have to trim the fingernails. It’s time. Then I’m going to sit back down and write for as long as I can today, in 48 minute blocks. There’s a reason I picked 48 minutes and I might explain later. Right now I just need to get started before I waste the morning.