July 8, 2018 Sunday writing

It’s 9:18 in the morning and I’m going to start today’s writing soon. I prefer to write every day, so Sunday is no day off for me. I’ve tried taking weekends off, but I just do not do well when I change up my routine. I’m much better at sticking to something if I don’tContinue reading “July 8, 2018 Sunday writing”

I have five minutes to write this post

I realized yesterday that what I’ve been doing isn’t working. I haven’t been writing at the pace I want to write, and I got frustrated last night, set my timer for 30 minutes, and wrote 449 words. Which came to 898 words an hour, and if that isn’t some kind of sign, I don’t knowContinue reading “I have five minutes to write this post”

How fast can I reach 1,557 words today?

My first goal for today is 1,557 words (which is my normal daily goal). Let’s see how fast I can reach it. Fast? Maybe not. But… Progress— 10:51 am: 13 minutes, 87 words. 11:35 am: 30 minutes, 214 words. 12:25 pm: 29 minutes, 175 words. 2:34 pm: 7 minutes, 78 words. 3:28 pm: 11 minutes,Continue reading “How fast can I reach 1,557 words today?”

It’s catch-up day redux! Goal: 6.7 hours of writing

Since I didn’t succeed yesterday in catching up, I’ve decided to give it one more go. Today I will try to accumulate 6.7 hours of writing. That’ll give me today’s three hours, plus catch me up with Saturday’s and Sunday’s three hours each. Whew. I’m only doing this because I need some way to decideContinue reading “It’s catch-up day redux! Goal: 6.7 hours of writing”

It’s catch-up day! Goal: 7.484 hours of writing

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m trying to write for three hours today, catch up yesterday’s three hours, and finish Saturday’s three hours. That means I’m trying to accumulate 7.484 hours of timed writing today. Progress— 1:18 pm: finished a session of 61 minutes, wrote 135 words. 3:13 pm: ended a short sessionContinue reading “It’s catch-up day! Goal: 7.484 hours of writing”

Postponement of yesterday to today

So yesterday I did not finish with chapter 15 to 16. Life interrupted and I finally gave in and postponed to today what I wanted to accomplish yesterday. So everything I said yesterday? Applies to today. :) Not that I didn’t make any progress yesterday, because I did. I spent 1.517 hours writing (timed writing)Continue reading “Postponement of yesterday to today”

Progress and a brilliant idea I should have had sooner

I did run out of time yesterday and didn’t make it through all the chapters of my book. Well, sort of. I stopped the editing at chapter 12, but then I sent the file to my tablet and read through the rest of it and realized most of it’s solid. Just a few bits IContinue reading “Progress and a brilliant idea I should have had sooner”