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  • Breakfast musings

    To prevent myself from continuing the patterns that have led to me writing less than I want over the last two weeks, I’m writing this post while I have breakfast. :D Usually I read during that time, but that reading has been leading me to put off writing much longer than I should each day. […]

  • 8-10-17 Thursday

    Getting lazy on titles today. :) The plan is 3 hours and 1,557 words. I’m going to read for a few minutes and then get started. Somehow it’s already 12:58 pm and I have no idea how that happened. Okay, I’ve procrastinated like nobody’s business today, so I’m going to have to nail this word […]

  • Practicing longer session lengths today

    Writing longer is a problem I need to tackle. So today I am writing in one hour blocks. Practice is the key to improvement, right? So practice I will! Also, I might reach a higher wph with a shorter session but I have a real problem doing a great many sessions. At least with the […]

  • Today’s goal: 3 hours and 1,557 words

    So today I’m going back to talking about goals. Mostly because I’m tired of trying to find ways to phrase things so that I don’t use the word goal. It’s just a word, and giving it too much power probably isn’t helping me. I honestly don’t care if I reach it every day. It’s just […]

  • Still working on those words

    As the title says, I’m still working on those 1,557 words today. The good news? I had a speed breakthrough—now that I’m not stressing over speed, of course. The bad news? It’s 7:59 and yes, it took me that long to get another 25 minutes of writing, and no, I haven’t been able to stay […]

  • Using the stopwatch instead of the timer—and epiphanies

    Another day of writing. Title brought to you by the experiment I’m doing today.

  • Maybe I can get into flow and stay there

    The title was a note to myself from my notebook about trying 60 minute sessions (yesterday). :) Session 1 I wrote 535 words, which means I’m on track to finish today’s minimum word count in less than 3 hours of timed writing. Yay! I have 1,022 words to go. :) Session 2 I wrote 380 […]

  • “What’s this?”

    Today’s title is brought to you by my journal and is nothing more than a note to myself of a line of dialogue so I’ll remember to add in something important that I appear to have forgotten about in yesterday’s work. :D Session 1 So today I’m trying longer sessions. I’m in a position here […]

  • Knife is in which boot?

    Sessions 4–5 These two sessions dragged down my pace, which is a bummer, because I’d really wanted to pull off a miracle, write faster than I’ve written all day, and finish my minimum words in the three hours I should be able to finish them. Didn’t happen. I wrote 252 words in session 4 and […]

  • Final sessions for the day

    I finished up the last of my sessions. I had hoped to reached 3,000 words but I didn’t quite make it. I’m at 2,332 for the day. I might come back later and do some more writing, because I really want to end the day at 3,000 words! But for now, I need a break. […]

  • Eight sessions instead of twelve seems to be the way to go

    Eight sessions instead of twelve seems to be the way to go! Of course, I made up the total time difference by making the eight sessions thirty minutes long instead of twenty. But it has left me fewer opportunities for distraction and here it is 11:56 a.m. and I have only three sessions to go. […]

  • Nope—didn’t make it

    I’m calling it a night at 1,531 and about 3 hours. I’ve done a little more than that but totally lost track because I started adding things to the story without the timer going. So who knows the actual time spent today, but I didn’t make enough progress on my word count to worry over […]

  • A new month and a fresh start

    I’ll take whatever opportunity I can find for a fresh start. My word counts haven’t been where I want them the last few days, nor even before that but at least then I had enough time invested that I didn’t feel like a slacker, but today is the first of a new month and I […]

  • You think you got this and then you don’t do the work

    That title there? Basically the exact thing that’s happened today. I was sure I was on track after having two successful days of writing—successful in that I sat myself down and managed to write for four complete hours each day, even if it took me much longer than I’d have liked. But then today came […]

  • 1,063 words and time ended 7:13 pm

    Today was better than yesterday and that’s good enough for me! DAILY ACCOUNTABILITY Session 1 : 234 words Session 2 : 92 words Session 3 : 174 words Session 4 : 244 words Session 5 : 46 words Session 6 : 177 words Session 7 : 7 words Session 8 : 80 words Session 9 […]

  • Removed duplicate text

    I followed up on last night’s plan to do at least half of the minimum number of writing sessions before I allowed myself any internet access. I did six! DAILY ACCOUNTABILITY Session 1 (20 min): 119 words Session 2 (20 min): 37 words Session 3 (20 min): 103 words Session 4 (20 min): 2 words […]

  • 11:23 pm and too few words again today

    I’ve managed only 2 of my 12 sessions today (20 minutes each). Part of the blame goes to my panic at realizing I had ruined the opening of my book by overworking it. I had to pull up backup copy 9 to get the old opening back. I’m currently at backup copy 20, and backup […]

  • June 23 session notes

    So today hasn’t been the kind of writing day I’d hoped. At the end of session 5, I am sitting at 12 words for the day. It hardly seems possible but the problem is that I spent so much time reworking what I had for chapters 1 and 2 that I went through four sessions […]

  • Too much time reading for clues

    The blog post titles are a lot easier to come up with now, and they aren’t any more obscure than they were before, so that’s a win. :) Today’s word counts Session # Words WPH 1 46 131 2 84 240 3 32 91 4 99 283 5 57 163 6 61 174 7 166 […]

  • 4:52 pm and a 2,800 word goal

    Today started off well enough. I finished organizing (cleaning out) my music directory. Doing that was a better use of my time than (re)organizing my email again, but that’s not possible any more because sometime last month I deleted all my email. I saved a few particular pieces of interest to a few relevant folders […]