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  • Daily writing – Monday, Jan. 27, 2020

    Today I finally got back to the novel. I wrote 1,622 words on it. I also think I found my new routine for a while: a 3.5 hour block in my calendar for writing and a timer set for 3 hours of leisurely writing. ← Leisurely is the key word there. I don’t like pushing […]

  • The new plan for 2,400 words a day

    I don’t think I went into this in my last post, but I have recently made a small change to my 2,000 words a day plan. I’m aiming for 2,400 words a day instead. Not because I want to actually average 2,400 words a day, because that has not changed. A 2,000 words a day […]

  • August changes

    A few things have changed since my last writing post. I’ve decided: To ditch timers and timed writing for good. It feels weird to sit down and write without the timer. I still look for it in the corner of my screen as I type. I still look for the column on my spreadsheet and […]

  • That experiment didn’t last long

    Discussing the failure of one experiment and the success of another.

  • A plan for the future

    I’m tired of lowercase titles. And yet, I continue to use them. :) Today I have a plan. 20 minute blocks x 12 of them @ ~750 words an hour = 3,000 words Yep. That’s my plan. In fact, it’s my plan for every day for the indefinite future. I’ve been giving some thought to […]

  • The challenge of quotas

    Wherein I discuss my obsession with quotas and decide which is best. Spoiler… word count quotas win.