Grandiose plans, despair and discouragement

I have a problem. Confession time. I set very unreasonable and unrealistic goals for myself every time I sit down to write. The problem is that I want to write so many books and so many stories and I have no patience with myself. So, although I know my average wph (and it’s nothing like the 1000 wph bandied about here and elsewhere by the supposed average writer) and how many hours I can stay focused on writing, I still build up these grandiose plans in my head and on paper and in spreadsheets that are completely unreasonable and unrealistic for me. And when that finally settles in a day or a week later, I face despair and discouragement.

Telling myself I can do less and I should be happy with that does nothing but make me less happy. I don’t want those limits and I hate them. I writhe and twist against them, until soon enough I’m right back to making the grandiose plans and disgusted with myself when they fall through yet again.

I wish I could say I had found a way to get past all this, but I haven’t. I have no helpful tips for anyone facing the same. I have accepted this about myself and I will continue to do my best to become the writer I want to be, even if that means facing despair and discouragement.