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  • Challenge day six (this could go on for a while)

    If I count the words I deleted yesterday (which I don’t), my word count was in line with the previous four days of this challenge to reach 6000 words. Meaning today is day six of the attempt. I have to do some stuff differently today, because yesterday was my worst day for time logged since […]

  • Going too far afield (challenge update)

    I’m afraid I’m going to lose some words today. The current material is going too far afield of the scenes I’ve already written. I had hoped they would join up but now it’s not looking good for that possibility. I’m at 965 words for the morning and I’m still trying to reach 2000 before lunch. […]

  • Challenge day five (a renewed focus)

    I need to make this quick, so I’ve let myself have WiFi on my computer for this one post. Nothing else. I’ve looked at my previous day’s efforts and concluded that for me to meet this challenge today I really need to pass 2,000 words before I stop for lunch, if not sooner, so that […]

  • At least I’ve been consistent (challenge update)

    I’ve faced a lot of procrastination today. My pace has been marginally better, but not significantly so. As it stands, I’ve written 1,841 words in 3 hours and 40 minutes. So truly, I’ve maintained my average pace today.  What I haven’t done is spend enough hours writing to get anywhere near to meeting this challenge […]

  • Challenge day four

    I didn’t even bother with a post this morning because I got right to writing after breakfast. Unfortunately, I’m online now and that’s a really bad sign for things to come. I’m getting off as soon as I post this post though, so maybe I’ll recover. I’m at 947 words and it took me 1 […]

  • Too much second guessing (challenge update)

    It’s obvious to me that one big problem for me when it comes to speed is the speed at which I second guess my choices. Today’s attempt to cross that 6,000 word barrier has been hampered at every turn by my tendency to write something, then write something else, then delete something, then delete something […]

  • Challenge morning three

    I’m just going to keep trying until I get there. Yesterday I fell far short of 6,000 words, so here I go again. (A phrase that totally just played through my head with music.) I’ve had breakfast and I have my hot honey lemon water beside me and my WiFi off. Estimated time to completion […]

  • Too little momentum (challenge update)

    I’m just shy of 2,000 words and it’s taken me just over five hours to get there. I’m doing better than yesterday, but nowhere near good enough to reach 6,000 words by my bedtime today unless something changes significantly. I do expect to finish today with a much better word count than yesterday though. One […]

  • Slow going (challenge update)

    By 9:51 this morning I had spent 1 hour and 12 minutes writing and reached 424 words after starting with a 145 word deficit from a last minute deletion last night. I’m not unhappy with that, really, but it wasn’t really what I was hoping for either so, since I was dragging a bit, I […]

  • Challenge morning redux

    It’s 8:14 am, I have my hot honey lemon water next to me, and my computer set to power saver mode to maximize the battery. I did get up early again today but I’ve been dragging a bit. is definitely going to have to go onto my no read list for my web reading challenge. […]

  • Giving up on the dream—but only for today (challenge update)

    I’ll have to try again tomorrow to break through the 6,000 word ceiling I seem to have. Although admittedly, it felt more like a 1,000 word ceiling today! I logged about 7 solid hours of writing (sans interruptions, breaks, etc) and still have only managed to reach 1,495 words for the day. I’ll continue writing […]

  • Remaining hopeful despite bleak numbers (challenge update)

    I’m remaining hopeful despite the  bleak numbers because I have at least made it to almost 1000 words today. The fact that it has taken me over 4 hours to get there is irrelevant. (4 hours of writing, not just 4 hours ununfortunately.) I will carry on until the end because sometimes writing is slow […]

  • Uh oh! (challenge update)

    Here is my first challenge update. I’m way behind already. After 1 hour and 49 minutes, I’m only up by 149 words. Getting through the last of the material I wrote a few weeks ago is taking too long. Perfectionism? Probably. I’m going to try to get through the rest of it faster. As of […]

  • Challenge morning

    So I’m typing this out on my Kindle Fire because I decided last night that I would turn off my computer WIFI and start the day without it. I plan to stick to that. I’m up early. It’s 7:05, and I have a bowl of cereal next to me to finish, then it’s on to […]

  • Word count minuscule, but I wrote

    Yesterday I wrote. My word count was minuscule, but I went back to a scene giving me trouble and spent a few hours on it. I didn’t gain much word count, but I did make progress with the story. Today I’ve been doing the same. By the time I quit, I want to have the […]

  • I am so behind

    I’ve written 2,065 words this month. Let me just say that’s not where I imagined I’d be at this point in the month. Since I have a book to finish, I’m going to have to try to write today and keep writing until I’ve written a damn lot of words. :o To do that, I’m […]

  • The writing streaks live on

    Yesterday, at the twelfth hour, I did some writing and managed 470 words. Another small win and another day to add to my streaks. 148 – 12/30 172 – 12/31 203 – 1/1 209 – 1/2 246 – 1/3 277 – 1/4 345 – 1/5 470 – 1/6 The streaks are: > 100 words each […]

  • New year, no plan

    Today begins the new year. On the other hand, my plan hasn’t changed. In case I haven’t done a good enough job of laying out that plan, here it is again. There is no plan. Here’s what I wrote in one of the Google+ communities I’m in. 2016 words written: 220,071 Definitely want to see […]

  • Aiming for more but giving up the need for speed

    I’m tired of chasing speed. I’m putting a hold on the push to write faster.

  • An experiment for today

    It’s not a schedule. It’s a plan.