It’s been 282 days since I quit caffeine; what I’ve learned

It’s been 282 days since I quit caffeine. Technically, I do still ingest minute amounts. I drink decaffeinated coffee a couple times a day, and I have the occasional cup of hot chocolate. I do not, however, drink regular coffee or tea any longer, and I avoid all other caffeine where I can. I’ve learnedContinue reading “It’s been 282 days since I quit caffeine; what I’ve learned”

Unexpected side-effects of caffeine withdrawal and lack of motivation

I’ve quit coffee (and caffeine) so many times over the years that I feel like I should know everything there is to know about caffeine withdrawal. And yet, I’ve been surprised this time, and some of that may be because I’m paying more attention to the longer-term effects of it than I usually do. TodayContinue reading “Unexpected side-effects of caffeine withdrawal and lack of motivation”

It’s time to quit caffeine (coffee) (again)

It’s time for an experiment! I’ve quit caffeine cold-turkey too many times to count in my life and I know what to expect—so I am not going cold-turkey. The last time I quit caffeine, I weaned myself off it and it worked out so much better. That’s the path I’ll be taking this time, nowContinue reading “It’s time to quit caffeine (coffee) (again)”

It’s time to write on fewer stories at one time

I currently have ten stories in progress. The longest one is at 66,000+ words and the shortest is at 188. Overall, I have more than 107,000 words of unfinished stories waiting to be finished. This is the natural result of keeping multiple stories going at once. I’ve been working on the premise that I shouldContinue reading “It’s time to write on fewer stories at one time”

Changing sleep habits—an experiment in productivity

A couple of days ago I decided to try to figure out what was going on in my life at the time of some of my most productive writing streaks—what types of schedules or timed sessions or just overall attitude I had—so I can try a few things to help me make the rest ofContinue reading “Changing sleep habits—an experiment in productivity”

New plan because July needs rescued

So July has been a terrible month for writing, but I haven’t given up on rescuing it yet. Starting tomorrow I’m going to just plow into my most appealing current story in progress and try to pick up some momentum. The plan is simple. Start writing and don’t stop until I’m done, or 4 pm.Continue reading “New plan because July needs rescued”

April 8–20 progress

I am definitely on to something with the “no sweets before 1,000 words” thing. April has been a great writing month so far and I’m putting the credit for that entirely on that little rule I’ve been following. Yeah, I’ve had one or two days overall where I’ve not reached 1,000 words and gone toContinue reading “April 8–20 progress”

Writing and an experiment with mealtimes

Yay! I’ve been writing today. Nowhere near the amount of writing I wanted to do, and my only excuse for that is distractions, but it’s nice to NOT be struggling to sit down and write. One distraction of note is my new mealtime schedule. I’m still trying to lose some of the weight I gainedContinue reading “Writing and an experiment with mealtimes”

Journaling my way to success?

I started an experiment four days ago on Friday (see the post). Fri: 198 (deleted a chunk of words that knocked this down by about 300) Sat: 2,088 Sun: 1,185 Mon: 1,544 I’ve had a few times where I just forgot to journal at my break but overall, it is keeping me focused. On theContinue reading “Journaling my way to success?”