Schedule update: times are almost right, sessions keep changing

Since I started following a writing schedule again, I’ve found that some adjustments have had to be made. A few things just weren’t working out how I’d like. I added an extra half hour for the midday break. I also stopped an hour earlier for lunch and moved that hour to after lunch. Scheduled timesContinue reading “Schedule update: times are almost right, sessions keep changing”

Word count post for Oct. 3, 2016

1,470 words. Not as many words as I hoped. (See below.) Daily average since 9/19: 522 words. At least it’s still rising, right? ===Notes=== One thing I’ve decided today is that I have to get serious about starting on time in the mornings. Starting late seems to have a major effect on how well I’mContinue reading “Word count post for Oct. 3, 2016”

New goal: more average and moderate word count days, fewer low word count days

I have to stop reevaluating my daily word count goal. It’s kind of stupid really, all this number crunching I do. I’ve approached it in so many different ways that it doesn’t even make sense to keep redoing the calculations. I already know about where the numbers are going to end up. I guess IContinue reading “New goal: more average and moderate word count days, fewer low word count days”

Exporting OneNote sections to Word

Here’s something I discovered about exporting from OneNote today: To export both pages and subpages of a section from OneNote to Word, expand the pages first. I did some reorganizing of my Journals which are set up as Section > 2016, Page > September 2016, Subpages > September 16, 2016 & September 15, 2016, etc,Continue reading “Exporting OneNote sections to Word”

Conclusion: daily word count is more important than time spent writing

After many experiments detailed here on this blog over the years, and much reading of articles about processes and systems versus goals and quotas, I’ve decided that forevermore I will consider working daily toward a word count goal more important than how much time I spend writing. Here’s why. No matter how I look atContinue reading “Conclusion: daily word count is more important than time spent writing”

Recognizing perfectionism

I had a realization yesterday morning and it’s led me to some serious soul-searching. My 12-month 1,180,000 word challenge is quite possibly—probably, in fact—a manifestation of perfectionism. I’ve been upfront with the fact that I suffer from repeated bouts of perfectionism, and I don’t always realize when I’ve let it creep back into my life.Continue reading “Recognizing perfectionism”

Today starts a two week experiment with a new schedule

Here’s the writing schedule I’m going to follow for the next two weeks. 9:00-10:30 1:00-2:30 7:30-9:00 Why have I changed my schedule yet again? The other schedule wasn’t working for me. At all. I didn’t write one single time during my scheduled writing time. Right now, in particular, I’m having trouble with getting started, andContinue reading “Today starts a two week experiment with a new schedule”

Follow up for several ongoing experiments

I’ve stuck to the new food rules and avoided sweets entirely, with the exception of a teaspoon of honey each day (in some yogurt and orange spice tea). Weight is going down, if I can trust the scale after only two days. The schedule is working well. Sort of. I worked all day yesterday duringContinue reading “Follow up for several ongoing experiments”

The experiment begins: rules of adjustment

So today I’ve already had to make an adjustment to the schedule (but only for today) because I rose late and I’m not getting started at 7 am. The first thing I decided was that I’m going to have to have some rules for adjustments. :) Rules for adjustments to the schedule Lost time shouldContinue reading “The experiment begins: rules of adjustment”

Failed the challenge five out of five days

So, I failed the challenge five out of five days. I am stopping that particular challenge, because obviously eight hours of writing in a day is just not going to happen right now. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s the end of the school year and my routine is a mess, or maybe it’s justContinue reading “Failed the challenge five out of five days”

It’s Friday—What?

I’ve failed every attempt this week to meet the challenge I’ve set myself to break 6,000 words. In the last 7 days, I haven’t even broken into the 3,000 range. See? 1,439; 1,009; 595; 2,330; 1,087; 701; 0 (today) Today’s 0 won’t be zero because I’ve already started writing. My last >3,000 word day was last Friday. I’m not really sure whereContinue reading “It’s Friday—What?”

Learn something from Dean Wesley Smith

I’ve taken many of Dean Wesley Smith’s lectures and the only thing that’s stopped me from taking the workshops is the homework. I have difficulty writing on demand and I just can’t convince myself I can keep up with the assignments. But this week he started uploading some video from his Originality workshop to YouTube, and I jumpedContinue reading “Learn something from Dean Wesley Smith”

Zero day yesterday but today is looking up; more cover talk

I had zero words yesterday. I’m not surprised. I did get a few things done though! I made a cover for the pen name book 2. Unfortunately, the new cover for book 2 means revisiting the cover for pen name book 1, because my skill level is such that I can’t count on matching up theContinue reading “Zero day yesterday but today is looking up; more cover talk”