Word count post for Oct. 3, 2016

1,470 words.

Not as many words as I hoped. (See below.)

Daily average since 9/19: 522 words.

At least it’s still rising, right?


One thing I’ve decided today is that I have to get serious about starting on time in the mornings.

Starting late seems to have a major effect on how well I’m able to stick to the schedule the rest of the day. It also sets me up for a slow start and a low word count.

That’s not what I want.

Today was an excellent example of what starting late does to my day.

What I was aiming for

625 by 8 am
1250 by 9 am
1875 by 10 am
2500 by 11 am
3125 by 1 pm
3750 by 2 pm
4375 by 3 pm
5000 by 4 pm

What actually happened

Session Time in Hours Session Words WPH
0.8333 496 595
0.8333 391 469
0.8333 409 491
0.45 174 387

There’s really only one way to solve this, and that’s to get to bed on time, then get to writing before I let any distractions get in the way.

Of course, my word counts weren’t up to speed either, but that’s likely something I’ll have to address after I get settled into a better routine.