All right, I’ve finally had enough of that

I very much dislike the way my categories and tags for this blog are set up.

I also dislike the extra sheet in my word count tracking spread sheet. I mean, I don’t really dislike it as much as I’m just tired of the extra record keeping. Why should I care about tracking my word count for a specific book? I don’t. I really don’t. I’ll still write the same books, even if they’re slow. I want to finish each book I write faster, to take advantage of momentum, but I’ve found over the last 2.5 months that keeping up with the exact numbers isn’t helping me finish my books faster. Not at all. The deadlines aren’t helping. Only getting to the computer and setting myself goals for how much time I spend writing is helping. And I’m not doing great with that, by any means, but it is helping.

What isn’t helping is ignoring these posts, reading Kboards and DWS’s blog and The Passive Voice and NPR and the trending news stories on my Kindle tablets’ silk browser. (God, I hate Silk and trending; it plays on every obsessive personality trait I have; I’m never buying another Kindle tablet. NEVER.)

And I’m self sabotaging again, dammit. I’m supposed to have started writing for 1.5 hours at 10:45 (and I was already behind on the 1.5 hours I was supposed to do from 9 to 10:30) and here it is 11:31. Okay, I’m done with this for now. Maybe I’ll revisit later, but I’m getting back to the damn book before I just start hating myself today.