Pushing for a finish today; must write faster!

I haven’t finished my current book in progress despite having been trying to finish it for a couple of weeks now. Today I’m pushing for a finish, although I know it’s going to be tricky. I don’t have a clue where the story is going to come together, only a vague notion that something is goingContinue reading “Pushing for a finish today; must write faster!”

Interesting results on something new

More words, fewer hours on Friday over Thursday, so that’s good. Yesterday (Friday) wasn’t as good a day as I’d hoped for, but it was my best day in 222 consecutive days. Prior to that, on the 223rd day, I had reached what is my current record word count for a day, 5,816 words, onContinue reading “Interesting results on something new”

Something new

It’s interesting, because I thought I’d tried just about everything to get myself writing faster and more regularly, but obviously I haven’t tried everything, because I tried something yesterday that’s working out pretty well (between yesterday and today) and I really don’t remember having tried it before (or at least in this way). Here’s whatContinue reading “Something new”

I’ve let myself get behind—by a lot

I have a deadline coming up, very much a “can’t miss this date” deadline. It’s making me anxious. I mean, technically, I could miss it. The date is still listed as tentative, but in my head, I know it’s not a deadline I need to miss. I don’t want to miss it. The fact is,Continue reading “I’ve let myself get behind—by a lot”

Schedule update: times are almost right, sessions keep changing

Since I started following a writing schedule again, I’ve found that some adjustments have had to be made. A few things just weren’t working out how I’d like. I added an extra half hour for the midday break. I also stopped an hour earlier for lunch and moved that hour to after lunch. Scheduled timesContinue reading “Schedule update: times are almost right, sessions keep changing”

June 27 writing schedule update

As you’ve probably already guessed, the schedule hasn’t helped in any way to get me started writing again. I haven’t even come close to getting started on time a single time since I came up with it, because for some reason beyond me, I’ve gone from going to bed at a reasonable hour to stayingContinue reading “June 27 writing schedule update”

Editing and proofreading continues, redux

I’m restarting yesterday’s challenge for today, because today is really do have to finish this editing and proofreading! I have another book to finish, and I need as few as 10k words to finish it (although it might go long, in which case, I’m really hoping I can do 20k in a week again, because aContinue reading “Editing and proofreading continues, redux”

It’s Friday—What?

I’ve failed every attempt this week to meet the challenge I’ve set myself to break 6,000 words. In the last 7 days, I haven’t even broken into the 3,000 range. See? 1,439; 1,009; 595; 2,330; 1,087; 701; 0 (today) Today’s 0 won’t be zero because I’ve already started writing. My last >3,000 word day was last Friday. I’m not really sure whereContinue reading “It’s Friday—What?”

Time to focus on the 12-month 1,180,000 words challenge

So I’ve been giving some thought to what I can do to get moving on this challenge: 12 months, 1,180,000 words. I need to stay focused. I’ve had to step back from the cover design practice, because I had become well and truly obsessed. 57 of 98 days since January 1 have been zero wordContinue reading “Time to focus on the 12-month 1,180,000 words challenge”

Knowing something needs doing will have to be enough

My response to the pressure that deadlines create? Complete and total shutdown. I don’t deal well with anxiety, stress, overwhelming goals or odds, or pressure. I used to believe I worked better under pressure, but I think that’s just something I told myself after the fact because I had come up against a hard deadlineContinue reading “Knowing something needs doing will have to be enough”