Facing resistance and adjusting the plan

You know how you make a plan and then immediately feel resistant to actually following through? Yes, well, that’s been happening to me. So instead of letting myself get too far down that hole, I’ve decided to make a few adjustments to the plan. I wrote a long post about this and then decided toContinue reading “Facing resistance and adjusting the plan”

So how is 2017’s “no goals, no timers, no schedules” plan going?

I’ve taken a lot of time off writing lately. I don’t know what’s to blame, but I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say I might have set myself up for this. So how is 2017’s “no goals, no timers, no schedules” plan going? Let’s keep this simple: Not well. At all.Continue reading “So how is 2017’s “no goals, no timers, no schedules” plan going?”

Why the new plan does not include writing on multiple stories

I had a lot of success producing more words when I let myself work on whatever I wanted. That doesn’t really work with the new plan. Theoretically, if I’m having a bad day I can still move on to another story within the group of series stories that I’m working on, but one thing IContinue reading “Why the new plan does not include writing on multiple stories”

Recognizing perfectionism

I had a realization yesterday morning and it’s led me to some serious soul-searching. My 12-month 1,180,000 word challenge is quite possibly—probably, in fact—a manifestation of perfectionism. I’ve been upfront with the fact that I suffer from repeated bouts of perfectionism, and I don’t always realize when I’ve let it creep back into my life.Continue reading “Recognizing perfectionism”

It’s all a work in progress

Hmm. It’s possible I was overly optimistic about my start time today for writing, since I was trying to make up for a really short night of sleep the night before. You see, the night before last, I stayed up and binge watched Stranger Things on Netflix. I shouldn’t have, and I didn’t mean to,Continue reading “It’s all a work in progress”

Failed experiment: site blocking software to fight distractions

Maybe I should give it more time, but I’m not going to. I’m calling this experiment done. Here are a few of the reasons I think this one failed. I spent a lot of time trying to tweak the block sets, but nothing I came up with fit my work patterns It pushed me towardContinue reading “Failed experiment: site blocking software to fight distractions”

Follow up to the summer routine post

I said yesterday that I’m trying to start a summer routine, but nope, it really didn’t work. I ended up writing in scattered sessions throughout the day, and just one day of feeling like I was supposed to write on schedule was enough to make me rethink the idea of an artificially constructed routine. I did manageContinue reading “Follow up to the summer routine post”

It’s Friday—What?

I’ve failed every attempt this week to meet the challenge I’ve set myself to break 6,000 words. In the last 7 days, I haven’t even broken into the 3,000 range. See? 1,439; 1,009; 595; 2,330; 1,087; 701; 0 (today) Today’s 0 won’t be zero because I’ve already started writing. My last >3,000 word day was last Friday. I’m not really sure whereContinue reading “It’s Friday—What?”

Two minute rule

I meant to mention this earlier, but I started a two minute rule on Tuesday (2/2). The rule is that I write for two minutes absolutely every day, no exceptions. There are no exceptions because—seriously—it’s only two minutes. Except in truly tragic circumstances, it’s just unlikely I’ll ever have any legit excuse to skip a two minuteContinue reading “Two minute rule”

The year of the schedule is sputtering to an end

At what point do I just admit the schedule isn’t working and give it up? I don’t know if I’m there yet but I’m getting close. Ah. Maybe it’s already time. The schedule really isn’t working anymore. In all honesty, I can’t say if it ever worked past those first few good weeks. Even then,Continue reading “The year of the schedule is sputtering to an end”