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  • Don’t miss it

    Wow. I read back through my last two posts and I sound depressed (to myself, I have no idea what I sound like to other people). :D I haven’t posted in a while, because I just haven’t wanted to. I haven’t been writing either. Just needed a break, maybe? Whatever it was, I think it’s […]

  • Daily post – Jan. 23, 2020 – Thursday – Part one

    As I said in my last post, I seem to be feeling better today (those sleep habits coming into play again) so I’m expecting myself to get some real writing done today. Luckily I woke up feeling good today and hopeful and even a little inspired so maybe I’m getting there. :-) I’ve had a […]

  • On the topic of speed

    I read a lot. I think I’ve mentioned that. :) I use feedly to keep up with blogs and magazines that interest me, and Pocket to keep articles for later reading, and I still do a lot of reading in my web browser on my phone and at the computer, too. I don’t do much […]

  • Using a catch-all journal and journaling the way I think

    I like to write things down. Sometimes I write those things in lists, sometimes in random notebooks, and sometimes in my journals. I’ve decided 2019 is the year to get organized in how I keep my journals. Ready… set… yeah, that really didn’t work out. Luckily I found a better way.

  • All that Pocket reading added up to a lot of reading

    There was a time when I thought Pocket was the second best option for all the articles I was used to clipping into Evernote to read later. I do not think that anymore.

  • The decline of The Passive Voice website

    Well, it was a good run. I used to enjoy reading The Passive Voice blog for the publishing news and stuff, even the random bits that didn’t really have a lot to do with publishing or self-publishing. I have been visiting and reading the site for more than six years. But The Passive Voice has […]

  • Déjà vu

    I have the weirdest feeling that I’ve already read the book I’m reading now (Quicksilver by Amanda Quick). And yet, I’m usually really good at remembering books I’ve read, so I’m a little thrown by this. I will admit, the time frame for when I could have read this book falls at a particularly stressful […]

  • Time to restart the reading log for 2018

    Just a little note about restarting my reading log. This time for 2018. :)

  • Kindle Unlimited: a pirate’s treasure

    Here’s a screenshot of a post on a forum. Maybe you can guess the forum, but I’m going to do the sane thing here and not mention it by name, because I’m not interested in sending goons after the bad guys and becoming a bad guy myself. But ain’t that grand? Personally, it’s just one […]

  • A link about reading comprehension that’s worth sharing

    The Passive Voice posted a link to a great little article about reading today, “How to Get Your Mind to Read,” that tempted me to comment. I wrote one, but then decided the comment went a little too personal for me to post it there, so I’m putting it here instead. :-) “This was a […]

  • I’ve been reading (instead of writing!)

    Today I read a book. Actually, I read a book the day before yesterday too. Yesterday, I’m not sure what I did, but I didn’t write, so I had to have done something to pass the time. I did watch this interview with John Banville/Benjamin Black—it was actually fascinating, despite the fact that I’ve read […]

  • Read a really lovely essay today on a random blog

    I think I clicked a link to get to it from somewhere, but by the time I read the essay, I’d lost track of where I’d been. It doesn’t matter. The essay was lovely and I enjoyed it enough to want to share. :) It warns you for politics, but it really isn’t political. It’s […]

  • Binge reading means no writing

    I’ve been binge reading again. Unfortunately, when that happens, I don’t write. I don’t have time. I read in every spare moment I have and I can’t seem to pull myself away. I’ve read a lot of books in the last several days and started even more that I didn’t finish for one reason or […]

  • June 22 no sessions

    I’m mystified. I’ve successfully avoided everything I said I was going to avoid, but that wasn’t enough to get me started writing again. I started reading a book instead. I read half of it, then decided I needed a break from that one (1632 by Eric Flint) and started reading something different (Beholder’s Eye by Julie E. […]

  • More reading—productivity tips for artists

    I’ve been procrastinating again—or, really, I never stopped. I’ve pretty much spent the entire day reading articles about productivity, flexible schedules, fixed schedules, procrastination, and tiny habits. Today’s most interesting find was “How to be Productive When You’re Lazy – A Guide for Artists” at I do just about everything mentioned already, but it […]

  • Reading Log: Garden of Lies

    Started reading: 9/19/2015 Finished reading: 9/22/2015 I started reading this one this morning. So far, I like it very much. It’s set in Victorian England and the hero and heroine are both interesting characters, as are several of the background characters. :) Update 9/22: I finished this one today. I actually liked it quite a lot. […]

  • Reading too many self-help books of late

    This is a common problem for me: I read too many self-help books. It’s my favorite kind of nonfiction. Right now, I’m reading Triggers by Marshall Goldsmith and Four Seconds by Peter Bregman. The sad fact is that I read so many of them, they all get mixed up in my head and I couldn’t tell […]

  • I’m struggling with the change in routine

    I’ve had a really bad couple of weeks when it comes to my schedule. I think it’s because of the change in routine that comes around this time of year but it might be the book, or me. Right now I’m about to make lunch, after a very unsuccessful attempt this morning to stick to my writing […]

  • Today I will stop hoarding ebooks

    Maybe I was wrong. Maybe you can have too many ebooks.

  • A Prolific Writer…

    Quote from Isaac Asimov’s autobiography, I.Asimov.