Got into that book, then it lost me

The book I started reading to chase away my inner critic was pretty good … until it wasn’t. It was a big book, and after eight and a half hours of reading time I’d made it about seventy percent of the way through the book. But, today, thinking about sitting down to finish that book—I just can’t take it any more. I should have picked a more interesting book, but I’ll say in my defense, I really expected better from that particular book! I won’t be finishing it.

However, now when I read my own book, if I don’t like it better, I’ll know I have a serious problem on my hands. ;)

I was going to work on paperbacks today but I think I’ll just start reading my book. I want it done as quickly as possible. It’s been a year since I started it; it’s time it was done. Then I’ll publish it, finish formatting the paperbacks so I’m caught up, and then turn all my attention back to writing.

But I think I’ll have a nap first. :D

After that, maybe I’ll see just how fast I can get all these things done. I’m ready to move on, and getting it all done this weekend would be a huge score for me! I doubt I’ll be so productive as that, but it isn’t going to hurt to pretend I have a chance. ;)