Office 365 issues, OneNote, and my local notebooks

So… I mentioned canceling Office 365 and uninstalling? Turns out it wasn’t as easy as that. I still use OneNote, so I reinstalled it after uninstalling Office 365. OneNote is supposed to be a freebie these days, although who knows for how long, but right off it started giving me little error-like messages about myContinue reading “Office 365 issues, OneNote, and my local notebooks”

Journaling my way to success?

I started an experiment four days ago on Friday (see the post). Fri: 198 (deleted a chunk of words that knocked this down by about 300) Sat: 2,088 Sun: 1,185 Mon: 1,544 I’ve had a few times where I just forgot to journal at my break but overall, it is keeping me focused. On theContinue reading “Journaling my way to success?”

What does it take to be a productive writer? A journal!

I read an article today that caused me to rethink the differences between my really productive Sunday and my less productive Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (and Thursday, so far). It was the title of the piece that drew me in—interstitial is just that kind of word. “Replace Your To-Do List With Interstitial Journaling To IncreaseContinue reading “What does it take to be a productive writer? A journal!”