Still trying to reach that elusive reasonable daily word count

Tuesday I reached 2,625 words, quite a ways away from my very reasonable 4,558* word goal. (I can’t say how sure I’m feeling about that “reasonable” right now, so consider this a side-eye.)

I’m doing better today at 2,978 words so far, although I really wanted to be at 4k by 4. :o It’s 6:18 right now, and that puts me almost 1k off the mark. But—I’m about to shut down my WIFI and give it another go.

Because, yes, I’m still trying to beat my new one-day word count record of 5,221 words. With the way I’m behind today on that goal, I’ll settle for 5,222 words, today, and don’t think I won’t. ;)

So, off to work!

*I adjusted the 4,521 that I came up with in the original post, to 4,558 because it’s the number that worked out best when I reconciled my reasonable daily number with how many books that means I could write. I didn’t want to use a number based on writing only part of a book. :D But yes, I realize my estimated word count per book is just as random as anything else and I’d be perfectly happy to reach 4,521 each day instead of 4,558. ;)