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Tag: Milestones

  • May 2019 progress

    Summary of my May 2019 progress toward my writing goals.

  • A new record—50,000 words, two months in a row

    I did it! The goal I set out to meet this month has been met. But not only did I cross the 50,000 word mark for May after having written 50,000 words in April, I also finished a short story last night doing it. :) Now, there are three writing days left in this month, […]

  • Tomorrow I resume the challenge to reach 6000 words in a day

    Today I haven’t written any fiction. I have a daily writing streak I could keep alive by writing something now, but I don’t think I’m going to. I might, when I finish writing this post, go write a little something, but I might not. I’m tired and I’m not really seeing the need. Tomorrow I […]

  • Would you believe I’ve written almost 5000 words today?

    Believe it, because it’s true. I’ve written almost 5000 words today, on the first day that I’ve taken a break from my 6000-words-in-a-day challenge since I started it twelve days ago. Oh, the irony. ETA: Scratch that. I have written 5000 words today. 5,100 to be exact. ETA2: And I came in at 5,816 words […]

  • Multiple stories at once: first week

    I have 8 days worth of words to count now, so my first week writing on multiple stories is done, and I feel like I have something to say about this method: it really works for me. Thursday—Wednesday, April 7–13 3,003 (4 stories) 1,009 (2 stories) 1,347 (2 stories) 3,557 (4 stories) 3,983 (2 stories) 5,391 […]

  • December has become my best sales month

    I didn’t think December would make it, not with how quickly sales slowed down toward the end of the month, but it does now appear that December has become my best earning month to date for my self-publishing business (highest revenue and most units sold). The numbers are preliminary and do not include my international sales […]

  • Sales milestone

    Unless I’m mistaken, and it is possible, although not likely, I’ve just reached a sales milestone. It appears that I’ve sold more copies of my books today than I’ve ever sold in a single day. This is easy for me to know, because I’ve never done a promo outside of a Kindle Countdown deal for my new pen […]