Sales milestone

Unless I’m mistaken, and it is possible, although not likely, I’ve just reached a sales milestone. It appears that I’ve sold more copies of my books today than I’ve ever sold in a single day. This is easy for me to know, because I’ve never done a promo outside of a Kindle Countdown deal for my new pen name, and so I’ve never had a crazy good sales day that has just blown me away. That deal wasn’t advertised so I hardly sold anything.

The thing is, I don’t have to sell a crazy number of copies of my books to earn quite a decent amount of money, because I sell my novels at $6.99 and I don’t price promotionally except in really rare circumstances. I’ve done one .99 sale on one of my books, because I was testing out Google Play, and Amazon price matched. Because I didn’t advertise the price, I sold relatively few copies. Not enough to cover the revenue from what I would have sold at full price if there’d been no promo price at all. Then I’ve had that Kindle Countdown deal for my other pen name book, and sold a few copies, but again, no advertising of the price, so not many sales.

Everything I’ve seen so far suggests that if I’m not going to advertise, I’m much better off keeping my books at full price all the time and putting out more books. When a new book comes out in a series, all the books benefit in a significant way.

And that brings me to today. Best sales day ever for me, and nothing to credit for it except the new release and organic growth. Here’s to hoping today isn’t the peak and tomorrow isn’t the crash. :D

And if it is, it was fun while it lasted. :D