50 word challenge

I rescheduled yesterday’s challenge for today. Early in the day yesterday my father arrived with scaffolding for a project I’m doing and the day spiraled out of control from there. So, challenge moved to today when I should have no such interruptions.

The plan is to start at 9 am sharp and I will update as I complete each cycle through my list of stories. I’m excited about getting started. I’ll see you back here later.

Update #1: Cycling through the stories for the first time and I’ve only made it through 4 of them so far, but I’m at 1,285 words. Interesting!

Update #2: I’m still working on the same 4 stories, and I’m at 1,734 words. It’s 4 pm so I’m going to try to hit my most important story one more time and then take a break and work on copy edits for something else.

Update #3: Yikes. I did get back to my most important story and ended up deleting. It has set me back a good bit and I don’t think I’m done deleting. I’m at 1,088 now. I’m going to try to make it up. I’d like to end the night at 2,995. It hardly seems possible considering everything else I need to do. :(