The key to success: a high level of interest

I’m only one day away from a great week of writing.

T: 3,003
F: 1,009
S: 1,347
S: 3,557
M: 3,983
T (in progress): 4,097 (at 2:45 pm, after only 4 hours of timed writing, which is remarkably early, and fast, for me to be at such a high word count.)

I believe it has everything to do with my switching between projects and letting myself work on the stuff that I have the highest level of interest for at the moment.

Seriously, I’m doing my best to refrain from falling into the trap of writing what I think I need to write (what¬†will get me a finished book the fastest) and sticking with whatever I have the highest level of interest for. It’s working wonders.

This is the key for me right now.

I’ve finished a novelette length story, started another in the series, and have made good progress with several of my novels. All in all, I’m ecstatic. :D

And I’m also finding that in the end, I think it’s very likely I’ll finish all these stories in about the same amount of time it would take me to finish one if I forced myself to focus. Focus just seems to be¬†another word for “stall” these days.

Or maybe it’s easier to explain this way: focusing doesn’t give my brain time to mull over alternative possibilities for one story without downtime and if I try to keep going instead of taking that downtime, I stall out and start to dread writing, which creates a vicious cycle of too much downtime, while jumping around gives me the time to mull while eliminating the downtime.

More writing, more fun while writing, and more words written. I can’t beat that.