Daily post – Jan. 19, 2020

Intention: Write 4,000 words today. Preferably within the three hour blocks I’ve set aside for writing. (I wrote this as a draft this morning.) What actually happened: I wrote 1,388 words today. My routine was a mess, but I liked it. I mostly overloaded my calendar with stuff to do, filled every minute of theContinue reading “Daily post – Jan. 19, 2020”

Yesterday with the book went well, so what did I do today?

I spent the day messing with my fonts library, caused Word to screw up with some of my most useful fonts, spent way too much time deleting and installing one particular font that just would not display correctly after I’d installed newer versions, deleted my font cache again, (and again), and finally got things workingContinue reading “Yesterday with the book went well, so what did I do today?”

What does it take to be a productive writer? A journal!

I read an article today that caused me to rethink the differences between my really productive Sunday and my less productive Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (and Thursday, so far). It was the title of the piece that drew me in—interstitial is just that kind of word. “Replace Your To-Do List With Interstitial Journaling To IncreaseContinue reading “What does it take to be a productive writer? A journal!”

It’s well past noon and I have not finished my words today

That title says it all: it’s past noon and I still haven’t reached 1,557 words. What happened? I couldn’t stay focused and on task today.  At ALL. It’s 4:16 in fact and here’s what I’ve done: I have 16 minutes left on my first 45 minute timer and I’ve written 346 words. That’s actually prettyContinue reading “It’s well past noon and I have not finished my words today”

At least I’ve been consistent (challenge update)

I’ve faced a lot of procrastination today. My pace has been marginally better, but not significantly so. As it stands, I’ve written 1,841 words in 3 hours and 40 minutes. So truly, I’ve maintained my average pace today.  What I haven’t done is spend enough hours writing to get anywhere near to meeting this challengeContinue reading “At least I’ve been consistent (challenge update)”

Challenge day four

I didn’t even bother with a post this morning because I got right to writing after breakfast. Unfortunately, I’m online now and that’s a really bad sign for things to come. I’m getting off as soon as I post this post though, so maybe I’ll recover. I’m at 947 words and it took me 1Continue reading “Challenge day four”

Why am I writing this post instead of writing my book?

I wish I knew the answer to the question in the title of this blog post, but I do not. I have a suspicion, though, and it’s a bit unnerving to think about. I don’t think I’m having fun with writing at the moment. Not with this book, not with writing fiction in general, notContinue reading “Why am I writing this post instead of writing my book?”

Web reading challenge: day 4

I started this challenge on January 23rd, making today day four. I haven’t cracked once since I started it, but it sure hasn’t been easy. I seek out distractions when my brain gets tired of focusing on one thing and it’s been interesting to notice just how often that really is. That said, I thinkContinue reading “Web reading challenge: day 4”

A challenge to end the endless clicking and refreshing

I’ve made a rash decision I’ll probably hate tomorrow, but I’ve decided to give up infotainment for a while—indefinitely would be better. I’ll accept the rest of this month and February as a compromise. To say I spend too much time clicking and refreshing is minimizing the amount of clicking and refreshing of web pagesContinue reading “A challenge to end the endless clicking and refreshing”

Procrastination as a productivity booster

So I posted about wanting to write every day and the very next day I finally start those paperbacks I’ve been putting off for half a year. Funny how procrastinating on one thing can lead to a boost in productivity on another. My guilt over not writing pushed me to work hard on the formattingContinue reading “Procrastination as a productivity booster”

Random thoughts: File naming conventions

First, a new column for the blog, if you can call anything here columns: Random thoughts. Second, I had one. :D It led me to researching the accepted wisdom for naming files. I have a very confused set of file name conventions I just haven’t been happy with for a while. Almost everything I’ve readContinue reading “Random thoughts: File naming conventions”

Distracted today by an anti-distraction add-on for my browser

This morning I installed Leechblock, an anti-distraction, anti-procrastination site blocker add-on for my web browser. So far, I really like it, even though I lost edits to this post TWICE because I couldn’t stick to the time limits I set for myself and got blocked before I saved my edits. Totally my fault, because IContinue reading “Distracted today by an anti-distraction add-on for my browser”