158 words yesterday

I wrote 158 words yesterday. I’d say I was embarrassed, after writing that post about how I was going to get to work and finish the time I still had on my timer and get started on my next session, but honestly, I’m really not. :D It is what it is. I couldn’t stand looking at the work and I bailed for the night and watched tv instead.

Today I tried to get a challenge for myself off the ground, but so far it looks like I’ve failed. I wrote for most of my morning session but I’d started late (school’s been out again for bad weather yesterday and today) and then the writing dragged, so I paused with 35 minutes left on the timer. I plan to finish it here shortly but the original plan had been to do the morning session, a mid-morning session of the same length of time, and then my evening session.

Unfortunately I didn’t get the mid-morning session started and it’s looking like I won’t have time tonight to get that session in even if I wanted to.

I might just shelve this one until tomorrow, hit my minimum tonight, read a book, and go to bed happy. :)