200 Words In 5 Minutes Eluding Me

I still haven’t reached 200 words in 5 minutes. I’m still trying. I’ve made 45 attempts and so far my high has been 165. My low has been 6 (which I blame on having to delete most of what I wrote just before the timer went off).

That low of 6 and many other lows have been today’s numbers.

This is the first time I’ve written this early in the day since I started the 5 minute sessions, and it makes me wonder if I’m seeing a pattern that means something, or if it’s just where I’m at in the story I’m working on. It doesn’t feel like the latter. It feels like my brain is sluggish this morning.

I can type 313 words in five minutes at top speed. I can type 203 words in five minutes at a leisurely speed. I can reach that goal of 200 words in 5 minutes. I know I can.

I took a short break and tried to clear my head so I can make what I hope are some much more successful attempts at my goal.

This is a personal challenge I intend to meet, even though it’s still eluding me for the moment.