A challenge for today

I posted about the last few days’ writing, and now I’m going to post about my challenge for today. I’m trying one more time to break through the big 6,000 words in a day barrier I haven’t yet broken through.

Here’s my plan.

Write for 1 hour on each of my stories in progress. I’ve started the next book in the series for the novel I finished last week, so I’m back up to 6 stories that I consider myself to be actively working on. That’s 6 hours of writing.


I’m going to try to write an extra 2 sessions on the story I need to finish asap, so I’m hoping to reach 8 hours of writing today. But just in case I can’t, I put those extra sessions for this story within the first 6 hours of my planned writing today.

I definitely think I can do 6 hours of writing today without too much trouble if I’m into the stories. I feel good, better than I have in quite a few days. :) It’s possible I was sick on Saturday (that headache) and not just sleep deprived, but whatever the problem, I’m feeling better now.

It’s time to get going on the writing. Lunch will be here before I know it, and I’d like to complete 3 sessions before I stop.

Challenge progress

Hour 1: 837 words
Hour 2: 720 words | 1,557 cumulative 1
Final count: 2,330 words, and about 3.5 hours total writing time (I didn’t use the timer at the end)

1 Hour 2 started much, much later than it should have. Considering just how behind I am, I have no idea if there’s any reasonable way I can still meet this challenge. The good news? I have worked on 2 stories today, and 1 of those was the book that I need to finish sooner rather than later. :)