A do-over for my do-over, part 2

Still on story #1, and I’m still working on the same scene, attacking it from different angles as I try to figure out what the hell is going on (in the story, not with me). I have netted 432 words so far today, and although I’d love to say they’re all slow, thoughtful, fantastic words, that ain’t the actual facts. The reason I’ve written so few words is because I’m trying out anything and everything I can to feel out the direction the story wants to go. I don’t think I have as good a grasp on my main character this time around. He’s kind of hard to figure out. I can’t decide if he’s sad or angry or both. Honestly, I think he’s angry because he’s sad. I think he has an agenda that I need to figure out sooner rather than later if I want to start finding it easier to write this book.

On that note, I took a short break to write this because I’d decided I was going to start cycling through my other stories anyway. I need a break but I don’t need to stop writing, so that’s what I’m going to do. :D Expect to see some numbers soon.