A do-over for my do-over

The fact is, I wrote 60 words yesterday. Total. I’m hoping to do a lot better today. However, I’ve been writing for about an hour now and I’ve managed 100 words. That’s not a misprint.

I’m stuck again on my most important story and that’s the story I started with this morning. I don’t feel ready to move on to another story right now, because I actually think I’m making progress. I’ve had to go back one more scene, and although I haven’t deleted what comes after just yet, I’m starting to think I’ll either have to delete it or cut most of it and keep the one interesting bit that sets up the next bit of the story.

The scene I’ve gone back to is going in a different direction than I’d written it the first time and I have a feeling this is what needed to happen all along. If I can get this going, I’ll be ready to get back on track with the 50 word challenge for the rest of the day.

For the moment, though, it’s break time. I need a breather. :)

Started: 12:59 pm
Finished: 1:02 pm