Adopting a new post style for session updates

I’ve decided to adopt a new post style for session updates, something I’ll (try to) use each day (that I feel compelled to write about my writing). :)


Session 1

I’ll write out any comments I have about the session.

I’ll mention my word count, my session length, and any other details I want to post.

Then at the end I’ll post a list of session word counts and my average wph (when I have it).

We’ll see how this works out. I’ve tried using tables and other formatting in the past, but sometimes it doesn’t paste well from Excel or I don’t have the numbers in excel and have to type them in.

Session totals

  1. 247 words
  2. 144 words
  3. 336 words
  4. some more words
  • 1,557 total words
  • in 3 hours
  • for a pace of 519 words per hour

I like it. I think I’ll give it a try. :D