At least I got something done

Yesterday morning, I thought I’d get started by fixing the errors I found on my recent read through of the book I’m about to start writing on again. Somehow I got distracted just before I’d finished and ended up doing other things.

By that I mean I decided I’d better email my pen name’s list about the new book, and then I realized I needed to update something at Amazon for another entry in the series. After doing some personal stuff, because real life is a thing to be dealt with at some point, I started on the paperback cover for the book I’d just finished the interior formatting for, and I finished that just as I had to stop for the day.

I’d promised to do something for the kids and that meant I had to leave at around 3:30 pm. I didn’t get home until 6 hours later, so what I’d accomplished earlier in the day was it for me. I’m now 2 days behind my writing restart date of February 2.

Today, though, is going to be different.

I submitted my files for review yesterday, and now I’ve already made my order for a proof copy this morning. I’m saving the rest of the paperback work for this weekend. I just couldn’t let go of that project until it was done and with the interior formatting done, I was so close.

Now it’s back to writing, with no distractions (I hope), until this weekend when I’ll try to finish those paperbacks that still need finished in record time. :D