Breaking my one-day word count record—attempt #1

I’d call today attempt #2, but yesterday, I never even really got started. I spent the day on other things.

I’m starting later than I’d hoped, but of course, knowing I wanted to do this today, I spent all of last night in and out of crazy dreams and woke up feeling like I hadn’t slept a wink. How typical of me. :o ← I am not actually surprised. :D

I’m not really planning to use the timers today, not at this moment anyway, so I guess I should just get to it. I think I’ll update as the day goes on to mark my progress.

9:39 am → Just getting started.

10:58 am → 280 words. I’m working through the crap that’s been holding me up for the last month so I guess I’m lucky I’ve gotten this much.

12:07 pm → Uh, I’m supposed to have more words? This was not an interruption, it was a complete derail! I was reading forum posts and just realized (phone alarm) that it’s been an entire hour since I stopped writing for a quick break. Holy crap! Lunch at my desk today. :o

1:16 pm → Returned from lunch, and did not eat at my desk after all.

Ha! And as soon as I pressed play on my music, Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing started up. I’m going to take that as a sign, because I’ve been feeling pretty bummed this morning. :D

I have to wonder if I’m running a temperature today. I keep getting chilled and the heat is set at 72°. Oh well, moving on anyway. Back to my book.

WIFI off.

2:30 pm → I finally deleted all the things I needed to delete, leaving behind just a few straggling lines that I’d like to save if I can. That’s put me down -1714 words. For once, I’m going to ignore that and figure up my actual writing today separately. I’ll figure my net words once I’m ready to call it a day. Only 4,918 to go. :o

4:11 pm → 626 words. Only 4,582 to go. :o Holy crap. I really have no explanation.

7:36 pm → Just getting back to it after stopping at 4:11. I’ve got one hour to get as many words as I can and then I have to call it a night because of an obligation I have tomorrow.

I can say with confidence that there’s 0% chance I’ll break my record today. I’m bummed but I admit I haven’t felt well today so maybe I’ll do a lot better on Thursday when I try again.

I’ll post my end of day word count later. Right now I want to try to take advantage of what time I’ve got left. :) Night!